eCommerce Built Specifically for B2B and Wholesale

Zoey offers powerful tools built specifically to help merchants move sales online and make customers’ purchases simple.

Restrict Site Access

Let pre-approved customers order from your secure B2B store, lowering costs and increasing order volume. Or display your catalog but suppress pricing for site guests, encouraging new registrations.

Segment Customers

Customer Groups provide a unique experience for each of your buyers. Pricing, shipping, payment, quantities, minimum orders, and even your catalog can be customized for each group.

Generate Quotes

Request a Quote gives current and prospective customers, as well as salespeople, a way to build a draft order that can then be customized by a merchant to reflect order size, shipping considerations and more.

Lifted Mfg.

“It was tough to find a robust backend designed for B2B businesses, with full access to customize the cosmetics and functionality. Our customers have loved how easy it is to navigate and order through, especially with bulk buying, and have given praise on the design and layout we’ve been able to create. The support from Zoey has been phenomenal, especially on more technical issues.”

Nicholas Warrender
Founder/CEO, Lifted Liquids

Cannabis Irrigation Supply

With simple file uploads we can have a new B2B or wholesale customer setup with custom pricing along with a streamlined process for placing orders without having to visit each product page. Our commercial customers comment on how easy it is to purchase from us and that’s a very big factor in keeping customers [in an industry] where it is so easy to jump to another source.”

Peter Luschinger
Vice President, Cannabis Irrigation Supply

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Advanced Quick Order

Advanced Quick Order

Simplify ordering by making it easy for customers to enter SKU and quantities they want, avoiding multiple product pages and heading right to check-out. Advanced capabilities include:

  • Restrict access to certain customer groups
  • Multiple-forms with pre-populated entries
  • Visual Design Editor integration

File attachments add depth to product information

Easily organize your files into folders for future reference. Bulk upload and attach files using our import feature, and then use our drag-and-drop design editor to choose where you wish the files to be displayed on your product page.

Post product specification materials, marketing one-pagers and other files that can help provide important information about your products to customers. Our file manager lets you host a variety of image and document types to ensure a robust product page experience.

Hanna Instruments B2B login screen


Access restrictions lets you decide what’s public or private on your site. Show or hide pricing, restrict add to cart to only registered users, or completely block your site to only registered users.

You can also determine what products and categories, as well as what content, each customer sees, allowing for a purchase journey as unique as your business requires.

Tailor Payment, Shipping and Ordering to Customer Groups

Zoey lets you segment customers into groups and configure which payment and shipping methods each group can access. You can set a minimum order amount, set quantity increments, and establish tiered pricing breaks for each segment.

You can even establish different discount and promotion rules for each of your customer groups. Together, these tools help you you protect margins and ensure predictable order volume.

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Generate and Manage Quotes

Pricing is a critical component to B2B and wholesale businesses – it’s not one size fits all, so showing a price on products many times isn’t ideal.

Request a Quote lets existing or prospective customers submit a draft order of items they wish to buy, and you can easily customize the quote based on the customer, order size, shipping requirements and more.

Complex Shipping Scenarios Made Simple

Zoey’s tight integration with third-party app ShipperHQ (additional fee required) unlocks more shipping options than any other SaaS solution. Execute a variety of shipping scenarios, including:

  • In-store pick-up or delivery
  • Dimensional shipping
  • Multi-origin shipping
  • LTL Freight

Analyze and Grow your Business

Data is the fuel that powers modern businesses and Zoey’s suite of enterprise grade analytics empowers you to turn that data into revenue-generating insights.

Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses, Analytics for Zoey are the secret weapon that will help you outsell your competition.

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