CSV Import/Export

Zoey offers a variety of export and import features to be able to bulk update or upload/download information. Examples of options include:

  • Upload products
  • Update inventory, pricing, or other information on existing products
  • Create customers
  • Download reporting
  • Update shipping information on existing orders
  • Download order history
  • Download a customer list

Files are easily managed in a CSV format for simple editing and creation. The Zoey Admin offers easy access to these options.

Apps and Integrations

For key integrations, including QuickBooks, NetSuite and Salesforce, Zoey has directly built integrations that our sellers can take advantage of as part of their existing subscription.

In addition, we have a curated list of third-party apps and integrations that can tie in to a variety of tools, from sales tax calculation to marketing solutions. Third party solutions can also connect to other ERP, CRM, accounting solutions and more.

View a list of our key integrations, or browse our full app library.

Public APIs

Zoey offers public APIs that support the ability to move data, such as orders, customers and products, back and forth to other solutions. If your business needs to be able to link up to other existing solutions, and a direct app or integration isn’t available, our APIs offer another way to access your data.

Click here to review Zoey’s public API documentation.


Webhooks is an event-driven approach that pushes data, in the format of your choice to the location of your choice. For example, when an order is placed, you can have data sent out to ensure you or the other systems you run are aware of that event happening.

Zoey’s Webhooks implementation is evolving, and our customers can request additional events and data formats as required above/beyond what we support today, which includes data being sent to an HTML or email endpoint, and delivering data in JSON, CSV or XML formats.

Two-Way Data Sync and Data Mapper

Zoey has introduced a two-day data synchronization system that can work with a growing number of protocols to send or receive data files, primarily CSVs. Current connection options supported include:

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • Email
  • Dropbox

You can map the columns on the CSV files to Zoey fields, decide how often to schedule a sync, and manually initiate a sync. Multiple connections can be added, each with its own data mapping and schedules.

Other protocols will be added in the future for further data accessibility options.

Google Sheet Importer

Our Google Sheet Importer app makes it easy to import data from a Google Sheet and manage primarily product data, such as adding new products and updating inventory, through a Google Sheet instead of a manual CSV upload through the Zoey Admin.

You can set the frequency of synchronization and map columns, similar to our two-way data sync support. An audit log will let you know of any issues that came up during imports as well.

Learn more about our Google Sheet Importer app.