Credit/Debit Cards

The standard form of payment acceptance online is credit and debit cards. Zoey supports accepting credit card payments through popular providers including:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal works with a variety of different banks as a payment gateway offering. Stripe and PayPal offer complete solutions that cover both payment processing and gateway capabilities.

Credit Cards on File

Along with the ability to accept credit card transactions, our and Stripe integrations also allow for cards to be saved on file. uses their CIM solution, while Stripe leverages their own offering.

By allowing buyers to save cards on file, you can reduce the checkout steps required, while leveraging technology that does not require you as a merchant to save that information, avoiding PCI compliance issues. Instead Stripe and handle that information securely on your behalf, using a tokenization process to create a link between the buyer on your store and the card on file.


Many B2B businesses prefer to accept ACH payments due to their being more affordable than credit cards, especially for larger payments, while still allowing for quick and easy payment capture. 

Zoey offers ACH payment capabilities through Stripe, offering an easy electronic payment offering for accepting bank payments. Our newly updated ACH integration speeds up verification of accounts so that new ACH customers can pay in real time, once verified.

Google Pay and Apple Pay

Mobile payment transactions continue to grow in popularity, and using third-party services like Google Pay and Apple Pay can reduce the friction by not requiring your buyers to enter card information on a mobile device.

Zoey offers both Google Pay and Apple Pay support as part of our integration with Stripe.

Net Terms

Zoey net terms back-end view

Establish payment terms, with how many days they have to pay off an order. This effectively establishes a “buy now, pay later” relationship with customers.

Terms (such as Net 30 or Net 60) can be set by user, location or account; language in the cart can be customized for each entity as well.

Zoey’s Net Terms solution can be linked to Quickbooks via a connector to issue invoices and mark orders as paid once those invoices are resolved. Or, you can send a bill to your buyer via Zoey to be paid via Stripe, PayPal or, if set up on your account.

Offline Payments

Zoey also supports the ability to accept an order where a payment will be received or accepted outside Zoey. This includes payment methods such as Purchase Orders and Checks, where payment will be made outside Zoey but an order is still needed to complete the process.

Zoey also has an internally-built integration to QuickBooks Online, which allows invoices generated and marked paid in QuickBooks against a Zoey order to be marked paid in Zoey accordingly.

Invoicing System with Billing Automation

B2B customers often times pay on terms, as opposed to at the time of purchase. To help facilitate collection of payments of orders that are paid later, Zoey has an integrated billing and payments system that can facilitate collecting of payments via credit card and ACH directly within the same system customers place their orders.

Billing Automation tools have also been introduced, allowing for automatic scheduling of emails for payment reminders and follow-ups to reduce the need for a bookkeeper or other accounting team member to need to follow up manually with each customer.

Customers can see their open orders and invoices in their My Account dashboard so they know what they owe and when. Payments can be synced to QuickBooks Online and other accounting software options.