Zoey has a number of pre-built eCommerce themes that can give a store a helpful head start in getting a site designed and launched. All of our themes have controllable fonts and colors to make it your own, as well as the ability to add/remove elements as needed to execute what your website needs! Each theme consists of multiple pages, including a homepage, category page, product page, and content page, giving you all the core page types you’ll need to launch

We also have an Order Portal theme, which is stripped down and more straightforward, for those who don’t require a full eCommerce experience but instead a streamlined ordering experience.


Each page in the Visual Design Editor is made up of a series of blocks. Like the name implies, these are the various building blocks used to make up a page. You can mix and match blocks from our block library, and use the Visual Design Editor to determine the positioning of each.

Our block library includes more than 100 options including:

  • Category listings
  • Product display
  • Marketing blocks
  • Header and footer components
  • Image carousels
  • Video boxes

Our block library had something for everyone, and even includes the ability to include an HTML snippet when needed!

Global Fonts, Colors and Assets

To maintain consistency throughout your site Zoey’s Visual Design Editor includes the ability to set a standard setting for global elements like fonts and colors, which will be picked up on every element of every page. You can change the settings on an individual block when needed, but this ensures by default that your entire theme respects your branding decisions when it comes to fonts and colors.

In addition, you can attach assets, including CSS, Javascript and header/footer code, that can be used on specific pages or globally across the site. If you need to embed tracking or marketing components, custom coding or other required pieces to make your site look, feel and work as you need it, you can easily do so with our Visual Design Editor tools.

Site Preview

Working in the Visual Design Editor gives you an approximation and preview of how your site will look when live. What you see is what you get, and it makes it easy to see how various changes will impact your site before saving them and publishing them for your accounts to see and interact.

Tablet/Mobile Design Support

You have the ability to preview and adjust designs for both tablet and mobile to ensure the experience is maintained on smaller screens. You can hide sections of the site that may be less helpful on smaller devices as well. This gives our merchants more granular control over the experience on mobile and tablet devices to ensure brand consistency.

Zoey’s website themes and theme elements are designed with responsive web design practices in mind, ensuring that your page renders well on any sized screen, whether desktop, mobile or tablet.