NetSuite / Zoey Integration FAQs

General Questions

  1. For all of the syncs, can each one be turned on or off, or is it an all or nothing integration?
    The Integration is fully configurable within Zoey, you can turn on and schedule what you want how you want.
  2. Updating existing information: How do we make sure that our information in NetSuite is up to date – for example, if a customer updates their profile in Zoey, does it flow to NetSuite? And the reverse – if we update order in NetSuite, does it automatically update in Zoey?
    You can have Zoey or NetSuite be the customer master, so either changes in NetSuite will update/overwrite Zoey or changes in Zoey will update/overwrite NetSuite. Order Edits in NetSuite will not sync to Zoey. We only 2-way synchronize Invoices, Fulfillments, Credit Memos and Refunds.


  1. If an account is created in NetSuite, is an account also created in Zoey as well? Can they opt-out or can we opt them out of a web account if needed?
    Accounts from Zoey to NetSuite can be linked by Account Name or ID. If you do not want certain Accounts from NetSuite in Zoey we have “Filters” that allow you to configure which accounts are sent to Zoey.
  2. If we set up a NEW customer in netsuite, does it automatically add the customer to Zoey, or do we manually have to create the customer?
    It will automatically be created in Zoey. You can choose if you would like the customer automatically invited to login or if you would rather handle that manually. We can sync all customers or you can build a Saved Search in NetSuite for the customers to sync.
  3. If two accounts are merged in NetSuite, what happens in Zoey? Are the accounts merged as well?
    If the accounts are merged and the contacts are moved, they will be moved in Zoey as well.
  4. When you sync customer addresses – Does this sync all addresses? Or just defaults?
    If you have addresses set up where we can see which are Ship To, which are Bill To, and which are the Main or Default addresses, we can set them to match in Zoey.
  5. We currently do not save contacts (customer users) on NetSuite. What will be the advantage of this?
    Customers > Contacts in NetSuite matches Zoey’s Accounts > Customers architecture. In Zoey multiple customers from one Account can log-in with varying permissions. You do not need to use this, as there is a setting to import all NetSuite Customers as Zoey Customers. You can always manually create an Account in Zoey if you need multiple customers to place orders for the same customer in NetSuite.

Order Creation/Management

  1. If a customer checks out in Zoey as a guest – how does that go into NetSuite? Does it try to map to an existing account based on e-mail or a unique identifier?
    It could do one of 3 things:
    • Attempt to map the customer to an existing customer in NetSuite
    • Create the new customer in NetSuite
    • Map the Guest to a specific customer in NetSuite that is used for tracking all guest orders.
  2. When orders are marked as paid in NetSuite, Zoey will mark as paid…. What does it mark a sales order in NS?
    If the Order is paid in Zoey, we will either create the invoice and mark as Paid In Full, or if a deposit or invoice exists we will mark it Paid In Full. This depends on the workflow you will need and can be different based on payment method (i.e. NetTerms, Credit Card, ACH)
  3. What type of NetSuite transaction triggers a Zoey customer tracking e-mail?
    A shipment tracking email is triggered by a Fulfilment. If you enter Tracking information into the fulfillment, it will pass to Zoey and appear in the email to the customer.
  4. Order cancellations/edits – how do we handle order edits?
    Order edits originating in NetSuite will not link back to Zoey Orders at this time. We recommend making edits to orders in Zoey first. This will cancel the original order, cancel the sales order in NetSuite, and the changes made in Zoey will generate a new order that will then be synchronized into NetSuite. The nuances of order editing should be discussed internally as Zoey will not know if the order is already being picked, manufactured or produced. These situations will required your attention to resolve manually.
  5. Order cancellations/edits – how will we know if our attention is needed to resolve an issue?
    This will likely be a combination of SOP and internal auditing. If a customer requests an edit, you have the option to only edit NetSuite, but as mentioned above, the change will not appear in Zoey so the customer will not see the edit in their order history. Changes can be made in Zoey, but you should first check if the order can be canceled/edited in NetSuite without causing billing and fulfillment issues.
  6. If an order is cancelled in Zoey, Zoey will attempt to mark the order as cancelled in NS… If the order was paid…. What does paid mean – invoiced? Billed?
    In Zoey, an “Invoice” is a Record of Payment. We do not have such a thing as an unpaid invoice. The Zoey Sales Order is technically the Invoice. If an order in Zoey is Paid (Invoiced), then you can not cancel it. You have to issue a Credit Memo (refund) after which the order will be “Closed.”  Change/Refund/Cancelation workflows will need to be defined as SOP for your organization based on your accounting, fulfillment and customer communication needs.
  7. If we edit an order in Zoey, what does it do in NetSuite? Funds wise – refund/rebill?
    A Canceled Order in Zoey will attempt to cancel the order in NetSuite. When Orders are Billed/Invoiced/Paid/Fulfilled in NetSuite it will communicate back to Zoey and not allow an order to be so easily Edited/Canceled. In the odd-chance someone tries to make a change to a Zoey order in the few minutes between updates, there could be a conflict which will result in an error. Errors are logged within Zoey and can be configured to send email notifications.
  8. How does Zoey accommodate custom fields for orders already created on the NetSuite side?
    Zoey can accommodate any custom field in NetSuite as long as we have the data to fill-in those fields. For instance, if you need an “On-Hand” or “Delivery Date” field filled in for orders, we can map Zoey Order Attributes to those custom fields, or set-up custom logic to fill in those fields with different values.


  1. We currently create items from NetSuite. Do all products have to live on Zoey?

    You will be manually creating the items in Zoey that you want in Zoey. You will upload a “NetSuite ID” for each product in Zoey. This is how we map the products for Inventory/Pricing sync and for Order Items in Zoey Orders to match products in NetSuite.

  2. Can we exclude some inventory from selected locations?
    You can specify locations to include/exclude.

  3. How does Zoey handle Assembly?
    Currently Assembly products are handled as SKUs in Zoey representing the NetSuite ID for the different Assemblies. We’re continuing to expand on this as needed.


  1. How does Zoey synchronize Inventory with NetSuite?

    Zoey inventory only manages what is available to sell on Zoey. When products are linked to NetSuite using the Product NetSuite 4-5-digit ID, you can specify one, several or all of your inventory locations to aggregate into the Zoey product’s Quantity field. This allows you to have a unique location in NetSuite for Zoey Quantity, or to sell all available inventory across sever or all of your locations. 


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