How To Use the Company Accounts Feature for Your Zoey Store

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B2B merchants sometimes require multiple people within a company to manage a single account. Sometimes different users within a company are allowed different permissions; Standard B2C-style Ecommerce accounts may not always enable these permissions and work flows.

Zoey is pleased to announce the launch of our Companies capability, which allows the creation of:

  • Company Accounts – an entity that encompasses a set of users to manage placing orders for one company,
  • Locations – the ability to have multiple sites, with different rules and users governing each, and
  • User groupings – properly manage these workflows.

Company Accounts


A number of new data components have been added to Zoey to allow for this new functionality. The first is Company Accounts. Each Company Account is an entity that can house x number of users, locations and more to be able to offer a complete workflow for a given company. Multiple customer accounts, with different permission roles, can be attached under each Company.

Company managers can manage these users on behalf of their team members, adding or removing them, to ensure everyone who needs access has it. Like most customer management tools, there is an admin component for Zoey merchants to manage this on the customers’ behalf as needed.



Some businesses have multiple locations, which may require different billing, shipping or users attached to one location vs. another. With the creation of locations, you can manage these permissions to ensure each business location has the proper tools to place orders the way the customer wishes them to do so.

Each user is assigned a location, which has access to approved payment and shipping methods. These can vary by location and can be an easy way to organize who can see what. It also allows for attaching of different address information per location. Multiple addresses can be assigned to a location, and an address can be assigned to multiple locations.


Permissions attached at the Location level will be automatically assigned to each user. If a user is assigned to multiple locations, whichever location they select during check-out will determine what actions they can take for that location.

User Groupings


The Roles & Permissions screen offers a way to not only assign users and locations roles and permissions, but also to create different permission levels based on your companies’ specific requirements.

As such, while Zoey offers two default levels, merchants can create additional roles and assign the permissions that each role can have within a company.

How to Add Company Accounts to your Zoey Store

Merchants on the Advanced plan or higher have the ability to add Company Accounts to their Zoey store and use the permissions features. Company Accounts are unlimited on supported plans, meaning there are no additional licensing costs to use them.

If you’re not sure whether you can utilize Company Accounts on your existing Zoey store, contact our support team and they can guide you as to what is required.

In Summary

B2B and wholesale sales flows may require connecting many to the loop, including:

  • How to run a sales process online while connecting all the needed stakeholders.
  • Assigning multiple addresses and drop offs for one single order.
  • How to maintain a sales flow that requires multiple permissions and sign offs.

Learn More About Company Accounts

To learn more about Company Accounts and how they can help your business, view our support documentation, which dives into the features more deeply, or schedule a walkthrough of the feature:

Request a demo

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