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Zoey helps B2B and wholesale businesses take orders online anytime, anywhere, with any device.

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Move quickly from quotes to orders, on desktop or mobile,  without losing a personal touch.


Accounts can quickly initiate orders, check personalized pricing, and review order status.

Brooklyn Bedding testimonial

“We needed a ready-made solution for our wholesale program customers that would give them the ability to easily place and track orders. The feedback we have received from our customers using Zoey has been very positive and has also lowered the amount of customer service calls dramatically.”

Ben Rieck, Chief Financial Officer, Brooklyn Bedding

ZOEY is great for...


Provide your franchisees and dealers an easy online portal to order and get quotes on the products of yours they resell.


Manage large orders at volume with unique pricing and catalog lists, segmented by buyer type.


Easily capture orders for items with a robust front-end experience that encourages
self-serve purchases.

The ZOEY difference


Designed especially to move B2B and wholesale businesses online.


All of the required B2B sales functionalities are built right in.


Take orders and look up information wherever you are, even without Internet.


From identifying your challenges to onboarding your store, count on us.

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From our academy

Introducing the Zoey Mobile App

One of the most requested features for Zoey to add is a native Zoey app that allows for searching information and capturing orders in a simple, streamlined mobile app interface. We have recently launched our iOS app (Android is in development), with a core set of functionality that our sellers …

Welcome to the New Zoey!

We’re excited to announce (and show you!) the long-planned revamp of our Zoey brand. While the obvious changes around here are our new website and logo, there’s a lot more to this than just some new illustrations and web pages. Since we honed in on the B2B and wholesale market, …

Zoey Launches Integrated Net Terms Solution

One of the more highly requested features for Zoey is a way to offer a customized Net Terms solution per account, to ensure each buyer can be granted a terms offering specific to them, and based on agreements businesses set with each account.

January 2020 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

Welcome to 2020! Zoey continues to improve and evolve its feature set based on the feedback of our customers and the investments we’re making in our solution to be the premier solution for capturing and managing online wholesale orders, in all the various forms that happens. Three sizable additions were …

Recent Zoey Updates You May Have Missed

The end of year is a busy time for many, between personal and professional obligations. But with the upcoming arrival of a new year, many will take stock of things and make decisions about what to work on in the new year. When it comes to Zoey, if you haven’t …

Fall 2019 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

The fall of 2019 has been a very busy period for the Zoey team. Two major B2B sales features launched: Split Orders, to make it easier for fulfillment when working with multiple drop shipping partners, and Company Accounts, which allow for approval flows, spending limits and more when multiple stakeholders …

Split Orders by Attribute for Easier Order Fulfillment

Many B2B wholesalers and distributors work with other providers to supply and fulfill their orders. Many Zoey customers identified the ability to split an order based on the distributor as a key enhancement they’d recommend, and with the latest Zoey release this week, that wish has been granted.

New Company Accounts Feature Fulfills Complex, Multi-User Order Journeys, Like Order Approval

In Summary B2B and wholesale sales flows may require connecting many to the loop. Read this post to learn: How to run a sales process online while connecting all the needed stakeholders. Assign multiple addresses and drop offs for one single order. How to maintain a sales flow that requires …

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