Zoey Updates for December 2021

Zoey recent updates

For some businesses, December tends to be a quieter month, but not at Zoey, where we’ve continued to work on various portions of our solutions to provide a better experience for both our customers, and their buyers.

iOS Mobile App

A number of updates were made in December to our iOS app, with changes including:

  • Email Order Confirmation to Customer Checkbox: You can now check off a box during checkout that will send an order confirmation email to the customer when submitted. Unchecking it will suppress the notification. You can set a default within the Zoey Admin.
  • Quantity Increment Override: For those users with permission, they can sell a quantity that it outside the product-set quantity increments. Those users that don’t have such permissions will continue to see the app automatically adjust to the next available increment, rounding up.
  • MSRP Display: You can now see the MSRP on the product list, product page, and cart screens, when such data is available by being entered on the product.
  • Deleted Product Handling: Products that have been deleted will no longer show on the recently ordered items list, since they are no longer available.
  • Product Image Gallery: You can now see all the images attached to a product, not just the main image. You can click to enlarge to full screen, as well as pinch to zoom.
  • Print Invoice Option: You can now print an invoice from the order screen. It will load the invoice PDF, which can be either printed or shared to another app.
  • Orders/Quotes List Updates: The Orders and Quotes listing screens were updated with clearer status options to better reflect completed vs. in progress/draft orders and quotes. It also clarifies what has been synced and what is still pending a sync. And now a more complete sync is performed, allowing better performance and use of search and other features when offline.

Data Mapping Updates

Zoey’s Data Mapping capabilities make it easy to export and import data, automate syncing of data from other sources and make movement of data between systems smoother. Among the updates to these capabilities:

  • Attachments for Order Status/Comments: File attachments can now be downloaded form a remote server for inclusion in an Order Update email. Attachment names can be dynamically generated based on order information, vs. requiring a name in the CSV.
  • Order Account Location Added: The data mapper export can now incorporate order account location. Values with a mapped value will map; otherwise it will default to the original value.
  • Custom Values Supported: Fields can be flagged as mapped; a field like shipping method or payment method can be mapped per method.

Integrations Updates

Zoey maintains integrations to solutions such as QuickBooks Online and NetSuite. Updates have included:

  • NetSuite Product Sync Updates: NetSuite auto product import setting has been added for product sync.
  • NetSuite Custom Searches: A custom search can be enabled and linked to a saved search if it’s configured to be allowed for that store.
  • QuickBooks Customer Options for Invoices: QuickBooks Online Invoices created by Orders with Zoey Accounts can now specify whether to use the Zoey Customer as a QuickBooks sub-customer or use the Account as a Customer.

Other Changes

Additional enhancements include:

  • Advanced Quick Order Updates (Product Packaging): On the admin side editing can now specify package types. Package types were added to the front end as well, so product packaging types can be selected.
  • AQO Product Sort: Added ability to auto sort quick order form by SKU.
  • User Permissions for Override Quantity: Added User Permission under Teams->User List to be able to override quantity increments on products
  • Paid/Unpaid and Balance Due Setting Update: When you disable showing whether an invoice is paid/unpaid and a balance due on your settings, the “Remaining Balance” row will now not display.
  • No Account Column on Customer Grid: Improved Customer List Grid under Customers->Customer List to reflect a new No Account column, and a link to Send Invite. Audit Log to show when Invites were sent. Added information about invitations on Customer List to show if a Customer was invited or not
  • Customer Group List in Admin:  The selected customer group will appear at the top of the list, with the rest of the list alphabetized for easier location of other options.
  • Stripe Last 4 Digits Display: Added Stripe CC Last 4 Digits to Checkout Order Review, PDFs and emails
  • Customer Not Approved Warning: Added an orange message/warning bar in the Customer CRUD if the customer has not been approved.
  • Split Order Additions: Under Orders -> Settings, added the ability to Split Order by line item, as well as the ability to Split Order by backorders.
  • Account Deletion Updates:  Added ability to delete accounts that are not associated with orders or quotes. Added ability to delete associated account customers when deleting the accounts. Added audit log and backup data for deleted accounts.
  • CSV Import Updates: Updated Customer CSV import/export. Allowed setting customer group by group code rather than ID (although ID also works). Added accounts column to export, removed unnecessary columns, and sorted columns.

New Additions Come Often

Zoey’s constantly evolving, and that means our customers get to take advantage of the latest and greatest all the time.

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