Zoey Updates for February 2022

Zoey recent updates

We’re getting closer to sharing a major addition to Zoey’s Orders and Quotes functionality, with the ability to create and save Drafts. But that hasn’t stopped us from continuing to evolve Zoey in other ways as well. Here’s a look at some of the updates we’ve released in February 2022.

Billing Enhancements

  • Surcharge support: When utilizing the Stripe Payment Method and enabling the Surcharge option, the Surcharge will now also appear to the Customer on the Bill Pay Screen for better transparency. It was always collecting the surcharge, it just wasn’t a line item on the Bill Pay Interface.
  • Credit memo adjustments for taxes: Logic for tax calculations have been updated to better support refunds, ensuring tax isn’t left over after refunding.
  • PDF updates: The total paid amount will now match between PDFs and emails.

NetSuite Connector Updates

  • NetSuite invoicing: For users using our NetSuite connector, you can now specify invoice amounts to apply for each NetSuite Invoice.
  • System scheduler improvements: Optimizations were completed to improve the consistency of the NetSuite data synchronization.
  • Audit log available: The log shows up in the NetSuite Integration page, as well as on the orders comment history.
  • Order History updates: On the NetSuite page, order history can now be set to skip shipment/import and will show more information about the individual sync status.

Data Enhancements

  • Better attachment handling: Attachments will now be placed on an order, along with the emails they’re attached to. Time stamps are also now added.
  • Account change comments: When an account or location is changed, that information is now included in the order comment.
  • Updating product improvements:  You can set category IDs when updating products via import.
  • Company creation improvements: You can now set an address when creating a company.
  • Tracking data via REST API: When creating a shipment, tracking data can post to the REST APIs.
  • Security enhancements for forms: Additional security steps have been taken to forms used throughout Zoey for better protection.
  • Improved multi-address account imports: Errors that could sometimes take place when importing more complex account data have been resolved.
  • Order comments for webhook events: When a webhook is triggered to send an email, an order comment is placed on that order.
  • Variation improvements: Zoey will validate data on product updates to ensure changes won’t break your existing variations, and therefore ability for products to display. New products that have not been attached to a parent product yet can have variations adjusted.
  • Quick Order form updates: Values other than the SKU for a product can be selected for use on the Quick Order form. The forms will render non-SKU information and add to cart based on non-SKU lookups.
  • Pending order adjustment: For customers assigned to multiple accounts, only some of which having order submission abilities, the ability to submit on accounts with permission granted has been resolved.
  • API Product Creation: The API now supports creating all product types.
  • Order Placed by Staff Account column: The full order export will now include this column.

Zoey Admin Updates

  • Sales Rep as email sender: Sales reps can now be selected as a sender option for all emails.
  • Order Sync Status UI updated: We’ve made this area more user friendly, and you can now set flags to skip invoice and shipment sync.
  • Customer login history: The Zoey Admin will now display customers’ login history for better understanding of how often they’re accessing your store.

Zoey App Updates

  • Order Comments from Customers: iOS Customer Order Comments are now visible to salespeople within the Zoey App.
  • Freeze Issue After Placing Order: iOS An update has been released that should resolve the app occasionally freezing right after an order is placed.

New Additions Come Often

Zoey’s constantly evolving, and being a SaaS solution our customers get to take advantage of the latest and greatest immediately, as software updates are automatically deployed.

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