Zoey Admin and Web Updates for January 2022

Zoey recent updates

Each month we make a variety of changes to our platform. Some are more specific, such as our recent additions to make our ShipStation integration more B2B ecommerce compatible. Others are fine tuning existing options to Zoey to support businesses how they use our solutions.

Here are some of the additions and updates made to Zoey’s Admin and Web during the month of January. While most of the focus of released additions in January was around the Admin, this was because of preparation for Zoey’s next big feature launch.

Stay tuned for a major new release of our solutions coming soon – changes will impact all Zoey solutions including Zoey Web, Admin and App, bringing some long-request capabilities to the Zoey system.

Zoey Admin Settings Updates

  • There is a new permission setting that can allow/disallow a staff account to change the assigned salesperson.
  • A new Visible on Mobile setting has been added to the catalog attributes, to allow more control over what’s visible on the Zoey App vs. the Zoey Admin.
  • The Send Email modal now displays a list of emails that can be selected upon completion of actions where emails are sent. Configuration settings have been added to allow staff accounts to populate the additional emails that can display in the Send Email modal.
  • A refinement to the data restrictions better takes into account customers who are attached to multiple accounts across multiple sales reps.
  • Admin Quote/Order Creation now auto-populates a customer group’s store and currency upon a selection of a customer/account.
  • Sales PDFs will now output product images as links if the configuration setting “Add Product Link to Product Details” is turned on.
  • You can hide the customer name on PDFs. When this is done it will show the company name instead.
  • When a file type customer attribute is used, it will offer a link to download inside the admin where that information is presented.
  • Default billing and shipping addresses can be set by account location, and is available through the Zoey API.

Quick Order

  • When building an order, you can now select either the SKU or product name to display on the response messages.

Visual Design Editor

  • Info banner components now better allow for styling HTML elements within them, such as lists, for more design control on objects within those elements.

New Additions Come Often

Zoey’s constantly evolving, and being a SaaS solution our customers get to take advantage of the latest and greatest all the time.

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