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For too long merchants have had to choose between an underpowered entry-level platform or an overly complex open-source custom build. Zoey seeks to solve this challenge and more. Recently our President, Uri Foox, was interviewed by Julian Mitchell where he discussed solutions to challenges facing today’s merchants, where we see the industry going and how we’re helping merchants capture their own slice of this trillion dollar market.  

Here are a few highlights:

What specific void or opportunity did you discover that inspired the idea behind Zoey?

I founded Zoey to make advanced e-commerce functionality accessible to a larger audience of merchants. I saw that the custom sites serious merchants relied on were very expensive and time-consuming to build. I envisioned a solution that gave merchants and agencies the ability to create advanced sites without needing to have specialized technical skills.

What are some of the primary trends you see emerging in this rapidly evolving e-commerce space?

One trend we see emerging is less reliance on custom coding. Now that more powerful SaaS platforms are available, an increasing number of large businesses are turning to SaaS, where in the past they would have used open source. Custom code is becoming less important, and in some cases, irrelevant.

Offering affordable solutions always attracts a strong demand — But how does Zoey enhance the actually quality of work for agencies and merchants?

With Zoey, we’re empowering agencies to provide a far more attractive solution to this problem for their clients. The agency can provide merchants the site that they need in less time, for less money, and deliver more value to the client. This also opens the client’s budget so that more money can be invested in high-value areas like marketing and product R&D. We also give the merchant tools like our Visual Design Editor and CMS, which empower them to take over more of the day-to-day management of their site, which is something they could not have done by using an open source platform.

You can read the full article here – Zoey: The E-Commerce Platform Helping Merchants Build Online Empires

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