Zoey Joins the Stripe Partner Program as a Verified Partner

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For years, Zoey has offered a robust Stripe app to allow for payment processing through one of the world’s most popular options. The app has since been updated to incorporate Google Pay and Apple Pay, and we also support ACH payments through Stripe.

We’re pleased to also share that Zoey is a Verified Partner as part of Stripe’s partner program!

What Is Stripe?

Stripe is a modern, innovative payment processing system that provides predictable pricing and useful tools in managing your business when it comes to taking payments online. Most of your customers have made purchases at businesses that use Stripe, and for you as a merchant, Stripe is cost effective, reliable and user friendly.

Stripe’s verification process ensures that all solutions are built well and work well. Zoey’s app leverages time-tested solutions, and additional features are on the way! 

4 Benefits of the Stripe App

Getting Stripe up and running on Zoey is quick and easy, and you’ll benefit from a variety of features that help you maximize your opportunity using Stripe:

1. Centralized payments dashboard

Quickly get a snapshot of your business and take immediate action. Manage every payment, customer, transfer, and more — all from one place.

2. Off-the-shelf financial reports

With Stripe’s built-in reporting features, you can view and export details on all of your charges — everything from fees to payouts — in real time.

3. Built-in fraud protection

Stripe’s advanced machine learning algorithms automatically detect and prevent fraud for your business, and constantly adapt to new types of fraud.

4. No Hidden Fees

Best of all, there’s no hidden, setup or monthly fees with Stripe, so you can get going right away! For credit card processing, you pay a per transaction fee, as well as a percentage, standard for such options. Processing fees will differ depending on payment type, so if you offer multiple payment types, such as ACH, those fees will look different.

Get Started with the Stripe App

Stripe is easy to set up, both on the Zoey side for registering your account for use, and on the Stripe side for getting going with processing payments. Even if you use another payment processor today, making the jump is easy. To learn more or get started, visit Stripe’s app page on Zoey, or visit Stripe’s website.

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