Milkhouse Candle sells both B2B and B2C on Zoey, using our app for sales rep orders







The Challenge:

Milkhouse Candle sought a B2B solution that could ensure quick sales interactions for their B2B customers so they can get back to other tasks and not worry about their orders. When previous solution Handshake proved too problematic, they re-evaluated Zoey for their B2B needs, having used Zoey for years already for their B2C customers.

What They Like About Zoey:

  1. Zoey support is genuine, human-driven (not canned responses) and quicker than other solutions they’ve used.
  2. Zoey takes customer feedback in, including feature requests and evolves with customer needs. They show they care by reaching out regularly and asking questions about how things are going, not just resolving the issue at hand.
  3. The self service Web portal has contributed to a growth in orders placed without customer service intervention.
  4. The combination of Zoey App and Zoey Admin makes it easier for the internal team to create and manage orders in a variety of scenarios.
  5. Zoey evolves quickly to adapt to the changing landscape of B2B commerce, offering a growing array of services for B2B businesses and their customers.

Bringing Everything Together:

After the launch of Zoey’s iOS app in mid-2020, Sparrow said the time was right to see if a permanent cutover back to Zoey for B2B made sense.

“Handshake had a mid-year payment coming up. A new commitment for six months of Handshake. The goal was to know well enough before that if Zoey can do what we need to do. If not, we’ll stay on Handshake. I made it very clear I don’t want to. We got things dialed in, and made the official launch back on Zoey.

“Zoey orders are coming in nice, set with our case packs, set with our shipping rules. These are all difficult on the Handshake side of things. On Handshake we couldn’t log in as a customer and get the order placed, you guys have that.

“We’ve been doing this for less than two months on the Zoey side, to get to what took a year on Handshake to get it launched and six months more to try and iron out issues. I love what you’re doing.”

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To learn more about how Milkhouse Candle has leveraged Zoey to manage both B2B and B2C orders, and a sales app to speed up sales rep-supported order placement, download the full case study:

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About Milkhouse Candle Company

With three different parts of the business, Milkhouse Candle has long had a foothold in various ways they can serve their market, from selling direct and wholesale to providing other candle makers soy wax for their own products. Their customer-friendly approach aims to make working with Milkhouse as easy as possible, so they can focus on other parts of their business.


Eric Sparrow Milkhouse Candle Company

“I was nothing but satisfied during the process. Even after getting involved with Zoey, noting something that wasn’t quite what we needed, I put a ticket in. The support team said it was on the docket they wanted to develop, and it was added. This feature that didn’t exist now exists because of our feedback. We’ve had a continual process where we ask and Zoey responds. It’s really intriguing to see.”

Eric Sparrow, Milkhouse Candle Company

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