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The Challenge:

Their custom-developed order portal failed, and a second custom project to rebuild it was moving too slowly. The team at Ninkasi Brewing Company decided to look to off-the-shelf options to see if they could accomplish what was needed, and found Zoey was up for the job.

The Success:

  1. 95 percent of their distributors adopted the self-service ordering portal within a few weeks of complete rollout
  2. Salespeople have more visibility into who has placed their orders, ensuring they know who needs attention; pulling internal reports is equally simple and offers further visibility
  3. Pallet spot-based purchase model makes it much easier for all involved, and didn’t require any customization, just configuration
  4. The journey from finding Zoey to being ready to launch their order portal was completed in about 10 weeks, including the time needed to make a decision, and despite another project going on concurrently.

Configuration, Not Customization:

A feature within Zoey that allowed for customizing the pricing model proved to be a key find for the team. “We quickly realized we could make use of the pricing promotion in a different way to capture pallet spots instead of price, which is critical for shipping to our distributors,” Livingston said. “Most are not worried about the price, they’re worried about filling up the truck, having pallet spots. We were interested in making particular use of that in Zoey.”

Livingston added that around the same time, she heard from company founder Uri Foox to offer assistance. “Uri called me before I ever really had a chance to ask any questions. He called me and just wanted to make sure there was nothing waiting for us, anything holding us back. I was able to tell him, ‘Actually, there’s a few things.’

“It was easy to create the site, but there were a few things I didn’t know if we could get it to work how we needed it. Within a day he reached back out, and said now it’s working that way. We had not had that kind of service yet; that made a big difference. Knowing we could get that kind of support moving forward gave [Zoey] a lot of points there.”

Livingston noted the flexibility of Zoey made it easy to navigate and ensure it would work for the business.

“It really shows how properly designed the configuration was built,” she said. “While it feels like a customization for us, it’s a configuration in the system. Zoey didn’t have to code anything specifically for us, which was really great.”

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To learn more about how Ninkasi Brewing Company has transformed their business with Zoey, download the full case study:

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Ninkasi Brewing Company

About Ninkasi Brewing Company

Based out of Eugene Oregon, Ninkasi Brewing Company is independently owned and one of the top 50 craft breweries in the United States. They offer a mix of seasonal, limited run and year-round beers, both at their Better Living Room in Eugene and through stores, restaurants and more.


Becca Livingston of Ninkasi Brewing Company


“We went back a lot of different times with [support], configured things a different way, so we could do a big demo for the rest of the team with a real site, with our products in there. … We found it in December; we signed on probably by the end of January. By the end of February, we had everything in there.”


Becca Livingston, Business Intelligence Manager, Ninkasi Brewing Company

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