Professional Medical Fulfillment Sees Strong Success on Zoey







The Challenge:

Professional Medical Fulfillment (PMF) needed a powerful Ecommerce platform, with the accessibility that allowed their team to work without expensive outside support.

The Success:

  • 45 percent increase in sales since the launch of their Zoey site
  • 10 percent of their business is online, up from just 2 percent a few years before
  • Tens of thousands of dollars in cost savings managing more Ecommerce tasks in house
  • Ability to be more agile and respond more quickly to customer feedback

Leveraging Zoey for Growth:


Moving to Zoey has been a success for PMF for a variety of reasons. Despite doing no major marketing, sales are up significantly.

“We haven’t done a big campaign or anything,” said Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing for PMF. “It’s been promoted by the sales reps and customer service representatives, and people have stumbled upon it. We’ve done no ads or anything and still sales are up 45 percent since the launch of our Zoey website. It’s really phenomenal.”

Originally PMF thought they would need to have two websites, one for B2B customers and one for B2C. Zoey offered an alternative. Van Veen said, “We’re finding we can serve both our Business customers and B2C customers on the same site with just some modifications and restrictions. Zoey gives us the flexibility to do that.”

As far the internal PMF team is concerned, they’ve been able to be much more self sufficient since the shift, with more controls over adding products, setting up promotions and more. Van Veen said, “When we need something done we can handle it. If there’s something we can’t handle, I find Zoey support is very good.” She added that the written documentation Zoey provides generally unlocks solutions to things very quickly when she can’t solve it on her own.

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To learn more about how PMF is using Zoey to succeed, both saving money and time as well as seeing increased sales, download the case study:

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“We’ve done no ads or anything and still sales are up 45 percent since the launch of our Zoey website. It’s really phenomenal.”


Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing, Professional Medical Fulfillment

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