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The Challenge:

Their previous solution, Handshake, was being discontinued, and Ceramo needed a replacement app that could allow their inside and outside sales reps to capture orders on the go.

What They Like About Zoey:

  1. Both outside reps and inside reps can use the Zoey App, and the orders all come into a single
  2. Zoey offers a robust Ecommerce experience that can benefit both customers and the Ceramo team.
  3. Linking Zoey to NetSuite has been a major improvement allowing for capabilities like live inventory updates. Zoey, offering a firstparty integration, was a major differentiator.
  4. Flexible attributes on products allows for more robust data on SKUs that make more information
  5. The onboarding process made things easier to get up and running, ensuring a successful launch. 

Moving On From a Shuttering Solution

Prior to adopting Zoey, Ceramo used a B2B Ecommerce platform called Handshake. Acquired by Shopify in 2019, the solution was sunset in 2021. Customers were given a few month’s notice to make the jump to something else. 

For Ceramo, this was a discouraging development as Handshake had slowly evolved to become what they had needed, and there was worry they’d have to start again. 

Alec Junge, Director of Product and Marketing for Ceramo Company, Inc., said, “We started very early on with Handshake, went through the whole process with them, almost got it exactly where we wanted it, and then they shut down.” 

As the Ceramo team researched options, they came across Zoey, which offered a solution that would allow for at least some replication of their existing workflows. 

“We began to shop around, and then got to Zoey, which came as close to replicate the experience as it was going to be,” he said. “There were also bells and whistles that you had that they did not.”

To learn how Zoey can help you, request a customized walkthrough with our team!

To learn more about how Ceramo leverages both the sales rep app and website ordering capabilities to centralize all of their orders, download the full case study:

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Ceramo has been in business for more than 70 years, launching their first products in 1945. Their goal as a wholesaler is to help the businesses they work with build their pottery profits, including offering products that have a demand year round.


Alec Junge Ceramo Company Inc.


“We pretty much had a wish list when we came over and doing the setup. Having it up and running exactly where we needed it speaks to how it worked out.”

Alec Junge, Director of Product & Marketing, Ceramo Company, Inc.

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