May 19, 2020

B2B Ecommerce

Zoey’s B2B Ecommerce feature set enables you to set up a public-facing website that can provide a visible presence to

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Billing Functionality

Send bills and collect payments directly within Zoey, without needing to connect to any other accounting software. Payments are collected

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Split Orders

Zoey offers a number of split order options to make fulfillment easier. Merchants can select an attribute that is attached

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Vendor Accounts

Going along with split orders, Vendor Accounts are Staff Accounts that are configured to only show data for orders relevant

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Tiered Pricing

Set steps, or tiers, in which discounts apply at certain quantity levels. These tiers can be customized for different customer

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Quick Order

For businesses that buy the same products regularly, and/or know the SKUs they wish to order, quick order forms accelerate

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Pick Lists

To make it easier for your warehouse, or warehouse partner, to more easily fulfill orders, Zoey has pick list options

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Abandoned Cart

Zoey offers a simple Abandoned Cart recovery option for you to prompt buyers when they do to complete an order.

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A blog can be used to provide public information about your company, provide content marketing opportunities and more. You can

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