Zoey Helps Manamed Transform Their Online Order Process

ManaMed utilizes Zoey

Recent circumstances have driven an acceleration of changes to the B2B commerce industry and the online order process, and many businesses who sat out on the sidelines have reconsidered, while those who were already doing so have accelerated investments and enhancements that ensure they can tap into the surge in online purchases that the COVID-19 crisis has encouraged.

What is ManaMed?

ManaMed is a company that develops innovative medical device offerings that aim to combine modern medical technology with top-notch personalized care, including product lines that cover surgical kits, custom bracing and mobility aids. ManaMed is one of Zoey’s newer customers, but the transformation of their online business has been swift and successful.

Why ManaMed Chose Zoey

Erik Lorenz, Chief Information Officer at ManaMed, shared in a recent conversation that Zoey’s unlocked multiple avenues that have improved their online order process and overall business’ potential.

“There have been two main benefits to using Zoey: Internal efficiency allowing us to grow without increasing manpower, and a better platform for our sales team,” Lorenz said.

“Prior to using Zoey we had 2 people entering orders full time. Our only option was to keep hiring more people to keep up with demand. Our orders have grown 50 percent per day but now we only have 1 person doing order entry (which is mostly for the key accounts that are unique) and moving forward we aren’t worried about scaling this.

“So, we’re able to not only grow without falling behind, but also start transitioning the customer service team from a purely data-entry group to one that is focused on helping customers and providing a great experience.”

Being able to unlock the existing team’s availability to focus on other areas will help ManaMed strengthen their connection to customers, and build their business with the existing team for some time to come. But it’s also provided the ability to bring in other sales channels, Lorenz said.

“Up until now we have only had a few salespeople and a network of independent sales reps that don’t provide much value to the company,” he said. “Now that we have a much stronger platform, we are hiring many more field salespeople as well as inside salespeople. Their job is now focused on actual selling and initial training of the customer without having to waste time handholding.”

Finally, Zoey as Web Ecommerce solution provides standard capabilities their business can leverage to expose their customers to other products in their catalog.

“Most of our customers only buy 2-4 products out of our 58 products because they would previously only buy what they are directly sold,” Lorenz said. “Now, while they are in Zoey, they can see our entire product lineup as well as recommended products and related products. This has opened the door to more sales conversations which is a big advantage to us.”

Try Zoey’s Toolkit for Your Business

ManaMed is one of many businesses who have found Zoey to be a strong addition to their toolkit, and Zoey’s customers have been quite vocal about the quality of Zoey’s solution and support. That’s why we’ve won awards in recent months from Featured Customers and SoftwareReviews, along with strong ratings on sites such as Trustpilot.

To learn more about the benefits Manamed has seen from Zoey, check out our Fact Sheet featuring data from their shift to Zoey.

If you’d like to see how Zoey can facilitate your company’s B2B commerce transformation, simply click the button below to request a conversation with a member of our Customer Success team:

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