Webhooks by Zoey


Webhooks deliver data, via a format and to a location designated by a store, when an event occurs, such as an order being placed. Webhooks are a flexible option when information needs to be sent when specific situations occur.

Webhooks by Zoey are continuously evolving; if you are looking for a specific webhook and cannot find it, open a ticket with our support team to confirm if such a webhook exists or can be added.

Webhooks by Zoey is available to customers on our Advanced plan. The configuration appears under the Integrations menu within the Zoey admin.

Learn more about our webhooks option on our blog.


  • Webhooks are triggered when an event occurs, such as an order being placed
  • Data is automatically sent to an email endpoint with CSV, XML or JSON (For SFTP/FTP/Dropbox connections, we offer a separate Data Mapper tool)
  • Data can be formatted as JSON, XML or CSV
  • Easily configured inside the Zoey Admin under Integrations; no additional app installation required

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