Webhooks by Zoey


Webhooks deliver data, via a format and to a location designated by a store, when an event occurs, such as an order being placed. Webhooks are a flexible option when information needs to be sent when specific situations occur.

Webhooks by Zoey are continuously evolving; if you are looking for a specific webhook and cannot find it, open a ticket with our support team to confirm if such a webhook exists or can be added.

Webhooks by Zoey is available to customers on our Advanced plan. The configuration appears under the Integrations menu within the Zoey admin.


  • Webhooks are triggered when an event occurs, such as an order being placed
  • Data is automatically sent to an HTTPS or email endpoint (SFTP coming soon)
  • Data can be formatted as JSON, XML or CSV
  • Easily configured inside the Zoey Admin under Integrations; no additional app installation required

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