B2B Wholesale: The Importance of Integrating Ecommerce to Other Systems

Multi-vendor B2B commerce

If you’re a B2B wholesale business, you likely have a variety of systems that help power your business. Ecommerce is one part of a whole, and so integrating with other systems can be an important benefit.

Integrations can take many forms. First party integrations are built by the solution; Zoey has this for platforms like QuickBooks Online, NetSuite and Salesforce. Third-party integrations can bridge together a variety of different platforms. Open APIs can make it easy for platforms to be connected.

Regardless of method, connecting systems generates a lot of value to your business. Here are five core reasons to integrate your systems:

  1. Reduce Data Entry
  2. Reduce Errors in Your Data
  3. Reduce Internal Labor Requirements
  4. Smooth Out and Speed Up Processes
  5. Improve Your Buyers’ Experience

Let’s look at each reason and how your business will benefit:

1. Reduce Data Entry

If you have to manually re-enter data from one system to another, such as an Ecommerce order in accounting, it’s time spent that isn’t necessary nowadays. Most modern Ecommerce systems, like Zoey, can communicate with accounting software to share orders created, payments captured and so forth.

2. Reduce Errors in Your Data

Manual data entry, or manually importing and exporting data, leaves the door open to honest mistakes, typos or missed information. Over time, this can be time-consuming to figure out where the mistakes were made, and with larger orders common in B2B wholesale businesses, it can be searching for a needle in a haystack.

3. Reduce Internal Labor Requirements

By integrating systems, you free up the time that was being spent on those data management requirements, allowing your team to focus on other things. This can allow the business to get even more done with the same sized staff.

4. Smooth Out and Speed Up Processes

Modern integrations can move data around faster than we can, and can do it automatically without any intervention. This can reduce the inevitable delay of how long it takes for someone to sit down and catch things up.

5. Improve Your Buyers’ Experiences

When systems are integrated, orders can be processed faster, as information lands in the right places more quickly. An order placed can go right to the warehouse for fulfillment, for example, instead of waiting for it to be manually carried into another system.

Zoey Can Integrate Into Your Workflows

Zoey is a flexible B2B wholesale Ecommerce platform that can connect to the systems you have today, or serve as the centerpiece of an upgraded workflow. We help businesses like yours solve problems using Zoey as a solution. Contact us to discuss your current business environment, and how we can help:

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