Staff Account Permissions Incorporates Billing, User Management Roles

Access Restrictions

Staff Account Permissions gives the owner of a Zoey store the ability to grant access to various parts of the Zoey platform, such as customers, orders and settings.

As Zoey has evolved, we have added more granular controls, and more user role types. In this post we’ll talk about two that are available for assignment to Staff Accounts: Billing Permissions and User Management Permissions.

Billing Permissions

One role we have now established is Billing Permissions. Previously, all billing information and capabilities was restricted to be seen by the account owner only. Now, Account Owners can grant billing permissions to staff accounts.

What Permissions Are Granted

With this update, a number of billing related capabilities have been added. These include:

  • Gain access to the store’s Billing Portal with Zoey. This is a link to our billing partner, Chargify.
  • See invoices of charges and refunds applied to the account.
  • Receiving a copy of invoices to the email address registered to that Staff Account.
  • Make changes to the billing information, such as credit card information.
  • Make changes to the plan you’re on.

As such, it is not recommended Account Owners provide access to the Billing Portal unless they wish to allow a given Staff Account that level of access. This link will appear in the Account Manager section of Zoey, as it does for Account Owners. This access does not allow a Staff Account to change the Account Owner; that remains a feature solely for the Account Owner.

For Employees with Full Access


Employees who were previously granted full access do not get billing by default. Because there are scenarios where you want an employee to have everything but full access, we’ve added a new level called “Full Access + Billing,” which enables the billing capabilities. Employees on Full Access will be able to access everything on the platform, but will not see billing information. Permissions are managed in the Account Manager, by an Account Owner, by clicking the settings (widget) icon next to the Staff Account you wish to update.

For Employees with Limited Access


Staff accounts that are granted limited access can receive billing access with the new Billing permissions, which has now been added to the dropdown. You’ll see Billing inside the box above the dropdown when the permission has properly been added. Permissions are managed in the Account Manager, by an Account Owner, by clicking the settings (widget) icon next to the Staff Account you wish to update. The dropdown will only appear when Limited Access is selected as the access level.

User Management Staff Permissions

Thanks to feedback we received, we have also expanded staff accounts to allow for User Management, which covers our Staff Accounts management tools.

You can now grant access to other staff accounts to allow them to manage to those controls. Here’s the key takeaways from this addition:

  • As with other Staff Account permissions, the setting can be found under My Account -> Account Manager -> Staff Accounts. Different permutations of the settings allow for this to be granted on its own, or in combination with our new billing permissions for full-access staff accounts.

    user-management-full access

  • Only staff accounts with full access can be granted this capability. Unlike the billing role, you can not add a specific User Management role to limited staff accounts.
  • To avoid issues, the Account Owner role cannot be reassigned by a staff account with these new permissions. Only an Account Owner can pass control of the account to someone else.
  • Staff Accounts with this permission will be able to add a staff account, edit access for existing staff accounts, or delete staff accounts. Please note that staff accounts created above and beyond the number included in a particular plan is subject to an additional monthly charge.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial highlights how Staff Account Permissions work within the Zoey Admin, and how to configure them:

Zoey is Constantly Evolving, Including Staff Account Permissions

If you’re not a customer of Zoey today, you’re missing out on leveraging a powerful B2B platform with easy-to-use management tools, but a level of control that’s unique for a managed SaaS platform like ours. Request your walkthrough to learn how Zoey can help your B2B or wholesale business:

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