Zoey Launches B2B Order Portal Theme Option for Efficient Orders

Order Portal Table Category View

Since Zoey’s founding, we’ve had an intense focus on making implementing and managing a design easier with our Visual Design Editor. But some of our customers have been blunt: We don’t need a full website, we need a simple order taking portal.

In the B2B space in particular, this sort of style is more common, and while many B2B businesses are adopting B2C-type capabilities for offering more control to their customers, some just need an easy way to get customers in and capture their orders.

Introducing our latest theme

To respond to those customers, we have launched our first B2B Order Portal Theme. Leveraging our best-in-class design tools while offering a completely unique theme from anything we previously offered, our new theme puts bulk ordering front and center.

Customers are encouraged to avoid browsing product by product, more common in a B2C type environment, instead focusing in on key ways to get products into a cart for purchase:

  • Zoey’s table view, optimized for easier browsing of product, with a new sidebar version of our Quick View feature for easy review of a given product.

    Order Portal Table Category View with Quick View Active

  • Our recently-launched Ordered Items page, which surfaces the SKUs a customer has most recently purchased, and presents it using the table view to make it easy to add items in bulk that have been previously ordered.

    Order Portal Ordered Items

  • Easy access to our Advanced Quick Order screen for ease of entering SKU and quantity pairings, for those businesses that already know what they need to order and either want to paste in values from a CSV or type in the information quickly.

    Order Portal Advanced Quick Order

  • My Catalog lets customers save products for easy access later, with easy access to important SKUs they may order often.

    Order Portal My Catalog View

This theme is reliant on components of our premium plans, so you must be on our Power or Advanced plan, or a plan that includes Advanced Quick Order, to leverage this theme.

A different way to shop

The new theme’s design avoids needing to browse the catalog and jumping around to various pages by concentrating attention on a few key pages designed to make purchasing a more streamlined process.

Merchants retain the ability to provide self-serve information, such as access to order history and account information, which many B2B businesses are adopting to react to merchant demand, while maintaining a simple purchase flow.

Additional enhancements tied to the launch of this theme, but more global in nature (in that it can be used by any of our Zoey themes) will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months. As always, we will update you here and through other channels as new updates and enhancements become available as part of your Zoey package.

How to Get the New Theme

Installing the theme requires a few steps, which can be found in our support documentation. Like any of Zoey’s themes, you can configure design settings and prepare the theme while another theme is active, and then activate the theme when ready.

The theme is compatible with Zoey’s Visual Design Editor, and can be used with the blocks provided for use with all themes.

See Zoey in action

If you’re new to Zoey and want to see how you can leverage this theme, request a demo and we’ll be happy to show you what Zoey can do:

Request a demo

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