September 2018 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

September brought a lot of great additions to the platform, along with updates from our key partners. We’ve shared some of those updates with you, including:

Other updates, although not as large in scope, launched in September to further assist our customers and to continue to expand the flexibility of Zoey’s capabilities and controls.

Remember, you can always stay up to date with the latest updates, and share your feedback about what we should add next. Here’s a summary of some of our recent updates, available now:

  • Customer Group controls for Configurable Product Variations: Sometimes certain variations may only belong to certain products. For those scenarios, we’ve introduced the ability to declare certain variations to only be shown to certain Customer Groups. This brings parity to product visibility in other types, which already had the ability to restrict to certain Customer Groups.

    Configurable Product Variations by Group

  • Terms & Conditions per customer group introduced: You can have a terms checkbox during checkout that is only displayed for specific customer groups. This can be helpful if certain segments of your customer base must accept terms before purchase, but not all
  • New Information Block: Instead of dragging separate headline and text blocks, a new Information block has been added to the Visual Design Editor that allows for a mix of content types (headline, copy and image) in one block, creating a less fragile object for maintaining design.
  • MiniCart updates: For performance reasons, the Mini Cart was restricted to only load a certain number of items. The setting by default is set to 25 items, but can be adjusted (with an absolute maximum of 100). You can adjust the setting under Setup -> Checkout Settings -> Shopping Cart Settings. Look for “Maximum Display Minicart Item(s)” at the bottom.
  • Cart Count: You can now choose to present Total Qty or # of unique products in the cart. Setting is located at Setup -> Checkout Settings -> Shopping Cart Settings. Look for the item near the bottom labeled “Minicart Item Count Display”


  • Flat Rate Shipping Options Expanded: We have increased the number of available shipping flat rates to 15, for customers who are experiencing the need for more permutations as they grow.

This is just a sampling of our recent enhancements; the complete list of updates can be found in our support section. Click the button below to see the recent updates and enhancements:

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