October 2018 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

In October Zoey completed its transition to new infrastructure, which was our biggest change of the month. Some of you have reported some improvements already, and as we continue to optimize the new equipment you’ll see other changes that should help with your site’s performance.

Despite the bigger projects, we’re always introducing something new, and October was no exception, including some heavy updates to our Bundle Product option!

Remember, you can always stay up to date with the latest updates, and share your feedback about what we should add next. Here’s a summary of some of our recent updates, available now:

  • Bundle product enhancements: A number of changes were implemented to improve our Bundle Product capabilities. This includes:
    • Non-editable items: Sometimes you want bundle items to always require certain components, and then allow some to be optionally editable. With the non-editable item setting, you can make that part of the bundle a mandatory inclusion. Learn more here.


    • Fixed weight option: You can set a fixed weight for the bundle, as opposed to the weight of each individual option. This setting is helpful for those who need a shipping rate based on a weight setting for reliable results.
    • Hide $0 price adjustments: Sometimes bundles have price adjustment displays, but they don’t actually show any cost (+$0.00). A new setting lets you hide them in this scenario.
    • Invoice, email and My Account updates: We’ve improved the display scenarios so it’s more clear when an item is part of a bundle. We do this through spacing and layout changes to clarify the relationship.
  • Add products to categories faster: You can now Select All on the category admin screen when filtering for products. 


  • Duplicate sales/discount rules: You can now duplicate your sales or discount rules to get a running start instead of starting from scratch each time. This option is available under the Batch menu.
  • Internal page titles: You can now specify an internal page title for the VDE that differs from the public Page Title shown in a customer’s browser. This is able to be set in the Page Settings from within the Visual Design Editor. This is sometimes needed to differentiate pages internally more easily, while maintaining SEO friendly titles externally.


  • Quick Order improvements: SKUs are no longer case sensitive in the Advanced Quick Order screen. Previously it would not locate the SKU if the case didn’t match (ex: S vs. s).
  • CSV upload improvements: A reindex and refresh will automatically be triggered when a CSV import is completed. This will facilitate making data more quickly appear in places where caching might otherwise delay its display.
  • Santi header tweaks: You can decide whether the header is sticky or not. You can also set different font sizes for the sticky header vs. the non-sticky version.

This is just a sampling of our recent enhancements; the complete list of updates can be found in our support section. Click the button below to see the recent updates and enhancements:

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