December 2018 Zoey Enhancements and Additions

In December, a lot of work was done to Zoey under the hood to help our merchants’ sites perform better, as well as load faster. Among these changes were a roll-out of major change to how pages render in customers’ browsers, making them feel snappier and more responsive. Faster sites lead to less customer abandonment, many studies have shown, so these improvements should help our merchants keep customers on their sites.

We previously announced our enhancements to multi-address shipping, but other updates were made available this month, the highlights of which are available below. Remember, you can always stay up to date with the latest updates, and share your feedback about what we should add next.

  • Images can now be added to Quote PDF and emails: Awhile ago we added the ability to include images in order PDFs and emails. This capability has now been expanded to also cover quotes.
  • New Product Lists Block Type:  A new product list block has been added that allows for information to appear only on hover. This is a great option for more visually-driven sites where product photos drive the experience.


  • Email a Shopping Cart: Customers can now email a shopping cart to someone, with a link that provides a complete cart to whoever received and clicked on it. Because of the availability in guest checkout, Staff Accounts and admins can similarly use this feature to send a cart to customers. To enable the feature, go to Setup->Checkout Settings->Share Cart.
  • Order status emails to multiple addresses: Customers can now enter additional email addresses during checkout to receive copies of order confirmation and status update emails for that particular order.
  • Filter Orders by Product SKU:  Continuing in our filtering enhancements to the order grid, you can now filter orders by a Product SKU, to show orders that had that product among the purchased items.

This is just a sampling of our recent enhancements; the complete list of updates can be found in our support section. Click the button below to see the recent updates and enhancements:

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