Our Admin New Order Screen, Completely Redesigned

Top of New Order screen

Our efforts to continue to evolve and modernize Zoey’s administration screens takes another step forward in early February, when we will launch our refreshed New Order experience.

The screen is completely redesigned from the ground up to improve how orders are built, smoothing out existing capabilities while adding a few new options. Let’s explore what’s changed and what’s new with this screen.

Cleaner and More Organized

Admin New order Full Screen

The immediate thing you’ll notice about the New Order screen is that it has been completely redesigned from the ground up. It now fits in with Zoey’s design standards, and the information has been reorganized from top to bottom:

  • The top section cleans up where you define the basic pieces of who and what this order is for. Which customer, which currency, and any comments can be found in the Information section.
  • Next comes the items section, where you see which items are on an order. You can easily add, edit or remove items in a more organized way than before.
  • Then you can select the Billing and Shipping Address for the order, or enter a new one if not in the Address Book.
  • Finally, Shipping & Payment lets you select a shipping and payment method, apply discount codes or gift cards, and then complete the order.

Add products to order

With the redesign we’ve also pulled some things out of the main page flow, such as adding products, and put them into their own modals and windows to avoid confusion and clutter.

Enhancements and Additions

Alongside cleaning up the information and organizing it in a more logical manner, we also examined how this is managed, and made some additions to simplify processing a new order in the admin. Some of these changes were informed by how things work for customers on the front end, as well as other admin capabilities found in areas such as quotes:

  • You can now set a custom shipping price or discount amount
  • A custom order number can be set for the order
  • A Quick Add feature, carried over from Advanced Quick Order, lets you paste a set of values from a CSV (item SKU and quantity pairings)
Confused? We Can Help

We know that changing a core feature of Zoey can create confusions and questions for some. Our support documents will be revised in tandem with the release, so you can review the new flow in further detail. If you have questions or encounter issues, you can always open a ticket and our support team will be there to help.

If you’re new to Zoey, or want to learn more, click the button below to schedule a walkthrough of our capabilities, including the New Order screen!

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