Ecommerce Roundup: The Best Articles from the Week of May 1, 2017

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We’re back at it again with another roundup of the best Ecommerce articles of the week. Let’s jump in: 

Ecommerce Marketing: Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned – Marketing can be one of the most complex and challenging aspects of running and scaling an online business. There’s a ton to worry about and if you’re not an experienced marketer, it can be overwhelming. If that sounds like you, this article should help. It examines the different channels available to you and provides some recommendations for organizing them so your campaigns make the biggest impact. 

The Best Schedules for Productivity (No Matter What Time You Wake Up) – I’m willing to bet that one of the reasons you decided to strike out on your own and run your own business is that you wanted to be your own boss. Having the flexibility to dictate your schedule on your terms is a huge benefit of the entrepreneurial life. However, that degree of freedom can be a bit disorienting if you aren’t used to it. This article provides recommendations on staying productive, whether you’re a night owl or early riser. 

Using Google Analytics to Track Profitability by Product – Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool. However, that power can be a bit off-putting, leaving many merchants to stick with the more basic functionality and reports. If you’d like to take your Google Analytics skills to the next level and use it to gain real insight into the health of your business, check out this article. It explains how you can use Google Analytics to track your profitability by product, giving you deeper insight into your merchandising strategy. 

5 Examples of Creative Shoppable Content from Brands – Shoppable content is a new trend where merchants take the content they’re already producing like blog posts and virtual catalogs and make the actionable, or shoppable. This tactic can be a great tool for merchants looking to capitalize on the engagement their content is already generating and channel it into a purchase. If this sounds interesting to you, this article gives you some solid examples to help you get started. 

That’s it for this week’s roundup of posts. As always, if you think there’s one we missed, tweet it to us at @ZoeyCommerce. We love hearing from our readers and appreciate your feedback. 

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