The DIY website trend covered in Entrepreneur

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Since day one, Zoey’s been about empowering the merchant with easy to use tools that streamline and simply the eCommerce process. Whether it’s our drag and drop design editor, improved product and category management tools, or access to wholesale/B2B tools without a line of code, we aim to help merchants grow on a flexible platform that they can manage themselves.

You may have read articles about the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) website trend in recent years, where the technical hurdles that once were required to clear to get a website up has been replaced by managed platforms like Zoey that allow you to focus on getting your site live.

Entrepreneur has taken notice, with a recent piece on the DIY website trend, in particular site builders, like Zoey, that can speed up the process. Zoey founder Uri Foox was quoted heavily in the article, which discusses some of the eCommerce trends around DIY websites that are becoming commonplace. One major trend is the B2B/wholesale trends following the lead of B2C sites:

“The next big wave of growth for ecommerce is in the B2B market, and in order to take advantage of it, companies need to adopt DIY website capabilities,” says Foox. “B2B brands are trying to create websites that let their customers buy much like they would from a B2C site such as Amazon or Zappos.”

You can read more of his insights in the Entrepreneur piece. If you haven’t taken advantage of a trial on Zoey to check out all of the DIY features we have to offer:

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