B2B Order Portal: 5 Key Benefits for Brands, Wholesalers and Distributors

migrating to an online order portal or Ecommerce

Migrating to digital solutions brings into play a lot of benefits, from time efficiencies to increased revenue generation opportunities. For brands, wholesalers and distributors, one of the best investments for capturing and managing orders can be a B2B Order Portal.

Businesses can provide a variety of benefits for both external buyers and internal stakeholders, in a format that’s seeing quick growth and adoption.

  1. Provide ordering access to buyers
  2. Give your buyers easy access to information
  3. Protect your proprietary pricing
  4. Empower your salespeople
  5. Centralize information in one location

Let’s review how a B2B Order Portal can benefit businesses.

1. Provide ordering access to buyers

As the name suggests, a B2B Order Portal can provide the ability for wholesalers, distributors and brands to provide easy ordering access for its buyers, allowing self-service order placement, great for items that are easily managed for that.

Zoey customer Greene’s Reserve provides its customers access to its sales portal, and its salespeople use their new sales opportunities to get their customers registered and place their first order within minutes. With that first sale managed, their stores and distributors already know how to access the portal, and place an order, making the re-order process that much easier.

2. Give your buyers easy access to information

An order portal can also keep a customer up to speed on the various aspects of information they need, such as:

  • Order status
  • Open invoices, including Net Terms/Buy Now Pay Later orders
  • Product information, including images
  • Customer-specific pricing

All of this can be accessible and available to a buyer without needing to call a salesperson or message customer support.

3. Protect your proprietary pricing

Order portals tend to be locked down, especially when it comes to things like pricing. Some businesses have pricing that’s universal while others have customer specific or group specific pricing. In either case, many businesses aim to not have their pricing public, as it can be considered proprietary information.

An order portal puts pricing and other such information behind a login screen using access restrictions to protect the information from prying eyes, but allowing your buyers to have full access.

4. Empower your salespeople with a B2B Order Portal

An order portal can also be effective when salespeople are involved. The example cited earlier about Greene’s Reserve is one example – salespeople can set up their customers in the portal so they can place orders without salesperson involvement.

But more salesperson-intensive approaches can also be supported. A salesperson can set up a Sales Quote for a buyer to log in and approve, for instance. They can help build or edit a cart on behalf of customers from the admin when a buyer is struggling. And orders created by salespeople can be listed alongside self-service orders in the portal, providing a complete history.

5. Centralize information in one location

Having your buyers and salespeople working off the same platform can centralize all the information all parties need in one single place. For buyers, they can review information on the products, their orders, and update standard information like billing and shipping information.

Salespeople, for their part, can review order patterns and spot when a customer of theirs is overdue for an order. They can help make sure all looks good, spot potential issues with orders early and ensure all looks good for their customer set.

B2B Order Portal Made Easy with Zoey

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