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Zoey B2B Commerce New Solution Checklist

Products are the heart and soul of a purchasing experience, no matter what form it takes. However, for B2B Commerce businesses, it comes down to more than a name, description, price and images.

There are a variety of B2B-specific enhancements to the core product data that can ensure that customer segmentation, bulk ordering minimums and catalog presentation, for example, can be maintained.

Here are some examples of more B2B-centric things to think about when it comes to a new B2B Commerce solution:

  • Tiered Pricing: Set quantities where price breaks kick in for volume orders. Can be on a single product or across a set of products.
  • File Attachments: Non-image attachments of important product data, such as marketing one-pagers or product spec sheets. Can take the form of PDFs, Word/Excel documents, etc.
  • Backordering Capability: Let customers request an alert when items or back in stock, or the ability to backorder and have it automatically shipped when back in stock.
  • Sale Pricing: Be able to set sales with start and end dates, including the ability to so by customer group.
  • Quantity Increments, Packaging and Minimum/MaximumDecide in what unit steps product can be bought and how they’re displayed (1 case to user, 12 units of inventory), as well as a minimum/maximum. Rules can differ by  customer group.
  • Template Management/Multiple Product Templates: The ability to assign different product templates to different product types for proper display/merchandising based on what you’re selling.
  • Mixed SKUs to Achieve Case Quantities: For wholesale ordering, the requirement to order by the case to achieve the needed volume may allow for mix and match of products to reach that quantity.
  • Item Weights: Shipping and fulfillment companies increasingly rely on weight as a facet for pricing, and many businesses therefore account for this in their product catalog data.
  • Price Suffixes: List a suffix for pricing, such as $x/sqft or $x/lb.

This category is one of many that can matter to B2B Commerce businesses in 2021, and that’s why Zoey has built a B2B Commerce New Solution Checklist, which has a wide array of features that you can expect to find within B2B Commerce solutions, and how they can benefit your business.

To see the entire list of features, organized helpfully by category to help you plan for your next site, download our checklist:

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