Zoey Partners with SalesWarp to Provide Retailers a Powerful, Modern Solution

Easy-to-Use Combined Solution by Zoey and SalesWarp Reduces Complexity for Multichannel Retailers


NEW YORK,NY – This week, Zoey, a SaaS-based ecommerce provider, announced a new partnership with SalesWarp, an advanced order, fulfillment and operations management platform, to provide a new managed service. The new offering links the two platforms to provide a simpler ecommerce and marketplace solution that leverages the strengths from both platforms. For multichannel retailers and brands, this means a faster time-to-market and significantly reduced complexities.

Zoey’s Ecommerce solution eliminates a lot of the technical complexity of managing an online store, but provides powerful tools that aren’t found anywhere else. Zoey’s unique drag-and-drop design tools, combined with more free templates than any other major SaaS platform, provides a unique amount of control over the design of a store without needing to know how to code. Our app store provides critical marketing apps for merchants to help them grow their business. Zoey’s new partnership with SalesWarp takes ease of use one step further, by providing a critical link between Zoey and other sales channels.

SalesWarp’s system will allow merchants to list their products to multiple channels (including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay marketplaces) from one location. Merchants can thereby avoid repetition of work by allowing merchants using the platform to make updates in real time to all channels when changes occur, whether a merchant updates products or inventory, an item ships, or a sale takes place on any of the channels where a merchant is present. SalesWarp also automatically communicates with Zoey, simplifying the setup and management of Ecommerce products and orders, and allowing merchants to efficiently manage their inventory, sales and order management in one place.

Bringing these two platforms together results in a combined solution that takes a lot of stress out of the Ecommerce management cycle, by leveraging the strengths of both Zoey and SalesWarp.

“We’ve already partnered with Zoey on several clients, and I was very impressed with how effective they were in meeting the advanced needs of our clients,” said David Potts, SalesWarp’s CEO and Founder. “Our combined offering will help retailers and brands reallocate their limited supply of time, money, and staff towards high ROI activities like growing sales and improving the customer experience.”

Existing SalesWarp customers, as well as those looking for a new order and operations management solution, can leverage Zoey as their Ecommerce platform of choice and leverage the new combined offering. This fast and easy deployment allows retailers to quickly reap the benefits of SalesWarp’s powerful management and analytics tools, which will help decrease labor and shipping costs, expand sales, and maximize profits. Similarly, Zoey will reduce time and complexity managing an Ecommerce site, which allows merchants to invest that time in sales and marketing instead.

“Zoey’s number one priority is to empower merchants by making advanced technology easy for merchants to use, while helping them be more sophisticated with their businesses,” said Uri Foox, Founder and President of Zoey. “With this combined managed service, our merchants can leverage the incredible functionality of the Zoey platform while also improving the order, inventory, and shipping management of their businesses through SalesWarp.”

About Zoey

Zoey is an advanced Ecommerce platform that blends the ease of use of SaaS technology with the power of open source platforms. With hundreds of features and a modern infrastructure optimized for speed, Zoey reduces the cost and complexities associated with building, managing, and growing an Ecommerce business. To learn more, visit: https://www.zoey.com.

About SalesWarp

SALESWARP is an advanced multichannel and omnichannel management solution designed for retailers and brands at every stage of growth.  As the premier order, inventory, and operations management tool for modern retail, SalesWarp helps clients of all types manage operations, real-time inventory, and critical customer data more efficiently across their entire organization.  Unmatched in scalability and performance, SalesWarp’s cloud-based software gives retailers the ability to meet both current and future customer demands, while optimizing operations to drive business growth and profitability. To learn more, visit http://www.saleswarp.com.

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