Zoey Makes List of Ecommerce Disruptors for B2B Ecommerce

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More and more people are taking notice of Zoey’s innovative combination of B2C and B2B/wholesale capabilities on one platform, offering merchants a modern and more effective way to manage their various channels of business. In an article on Inc.com, Zoey tops the list of Ecommerce business disruptors.

What Is a Disruptor in Business?

In their discussion of Ecommerce businesses disrupting the industry, the author defined a disruptor as making “the incredible advances in online shopping that create a better experience for shoppers.”

Even though some aspects of Ecommerce is mature after a couple of decades of evolution, it’s still a very new thing for some parts of online sales. This is particularly true for B2B Ecommerce, where a number of aspects such as Sales Rep Apps, Drafts and Sales Quotes, and Accounting Automation are still rapidly evolving and developing.

The article specifically calls out Zoey’s B2B and B2C combination, and the well-documented trend of B2B business leveraging B2C capabilities as more B2B customers expect those types of capabilities from their B2B suppliers.

Zoey has launched a number of additional capabilities that focus on the B2B merchant even since the article has gone live, as we continue to evolve our B2B-focused capabilities.

Read the Inc. article to see more about Zoey’s mention, as well as the rest of the disruptors on the list.

Zoey’s Capabilities

If you are interested in learning more about Zoey’s wholesale and B2B capabilities, check out the wholesale page of our site, where we flesh out some of the details. Or, if you’d like to talk about your particular needs, schedule a demo with a member of the Zoey team by clicking the button below:

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