Zoey Featured in The Next Web: Websites for Entrepreneurs in the Modern Economy

Technology evolves at an incredible pace, so as an entrepreneur it can be exhausting understanding the options that exist today. The good news is that much of the technology now becoming available for entrepreneurs, such as Zoey, aims to use tech to make a business owner’s life easier, not harder.

A recent piece in The Next Web takes a look at these trends, and includes Zoey founder Uri Foox as an expert on the topic. In the piece, Uri cautions not to reinvent the wheel when it comes to selling online:

“If you want to stand out and build a brand, sell something unique and target that audience with laser focus. That doesn’t mean that you need to reinvent the things that are outside of your brand. Don’t try to create an experience on your site that is not typical of what customers see elsewhere.”

The same goes for the platform you choose. Unlike 10 years ago, when eCommerce was still developing as an industry, you generally won’t have to build something custom, Uri said:

“Today’s tools give merchants more access to things that were previously locked down through easy-to-use tools. Retailers are empowered to manage more site aspects themselves, while handing off other items to agencies they’d prefer to not manage on their own.”

Read more about these trends on The Next Web. To learn more about Zoey can save you time and money on your business, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best, contact us for a consultation.

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