How Zoey Supports Your Business Every Step of the Way

Quality of Support

Our customers tell us that support is a critical aspect of who they choose for an Ecommerce and order management provider, and our customers have said time and again that Zoey support is superior. You don’t have to take our word for it; our recent FeaturedCustomers and SoftwareReviews awards are two recent examples of our customers sharing their experiences around us.

How Zoey Supports Your Business

What does that mean for you as a business? You can analyze how we can support your business from the four phases that any business will encounter when it comes to selecting and implementing a solution.

1. Analyzing Various Options for Fit and Quality

The first step that every business takes before making any investments is a research period, looking at various options out there and understanding what their strengths and weaknesses will be. 

Zoey’s pre-sales process is designed to screen a potential customer’s requirements and determine if we’re able to accomplish them. We’re not into high pressure sales pitches that try to get potential users of Zoey to opt for it even if we’re not a great fit. Instead, we will review your needs and let you know if we think Zoey can get the job done. If not, we’ll tell you so – and even point you in the right direction.

As part of our pre-sales process, we can also provide you with a checklist that can help you review common B2B capabilities and think about which components you may need for your business, both now and down the line. This will ensure you’re thinking through not just what’s on your most critical requirements list, but also some nice to haves you may leverage as your business evolves. Knowing your final choice can grow with you can help make a better final decision.

“We tried to talk to Shopify and they were really slow on getting back to us. We talked to another beer-specific company out of Oregon. They also wouldn’t customize anything for us, not that our customizations are really in depth, but some minor things. Then we had also talked to this start-up out of California to see if they could help develop something for us. The cost just didn’t make sense with them.”

By comparison, Zoey company founder Uri Foox “called me before I ever really had a chance to ask any questions. He called me and just wanted to make sure there was nothing waiting for us, anything holding us back. I was able to tell him, ‘Actually, there’s a few things.’”

Becca Livingston, Business Intelligence Manager for Ninkasi Brewing Co.

2. A Deeper Dive and Review of the Top Choices

Generally, once the basic research is done, a company will short-list a certain number of options and dive deeper. Once the basic hurdles have been cleared, it’s time to better understand how each platform works, and how they can be leveraged within an organization.

Zoey’s customized demo is the first step we take towards providing a deeper review. Based on who needs to review the details, we’re able to focus on aspects of our solutions that can benefit various stakeholders and divisions of the organization, including:

We’re able to provide both live and recorded walkthroughs that can be shared with other organizational decision makers.

We also initiate our onboarding process before any final purchase decisions, allowing your team to get to know how we work with our customers, and see how various aspects can get going within Zoey, from basic store setup to product and customer creation. This hands-on process is designed to help accelerate the process to help our customers get up and running faster, and with less stress.

3. Getting Setup on the Selected Solution

Businesses that opt to set up on Zoey get continued hands-on support throughout the account buildout process, getting assistance on setting up the critical pieces that are needed to take orders, including:

Zoey’s onboarding team provides a dedicated contact from the time you begin the process to the time to get live, ensuring someone with knowledge of your goals for launching with Zoey that can help you achieve them.

“There was great responsiveness to problems during the development process. There will always be kinks and bugs along the way, but you guys would always work them out — and usually faster than expected!”

Mike Kasdorf, Director, Backyard Nature Products

4. Maintenance and Support

Once you’re live, by default as part of Zoey’s SaaS architecture you regularly get access to new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Hosting and updates are managed automatically.

When questions come up, Zoey has a full library of documentation, but we also have our friendly customer support team ready to help. Our average support response time over the past two years has been less than one business hour, underscoring our commitment to helping our merchants get the help they need without being stuck waiting for a response.

Our tech support is also supplemented by a robust documentation library, designed to help our sellers get answers quickly, without even needing to wait for a response in many cases.

“We no longer require the services of an outside team of developers. Written documentation is always available for support when we have questions, and if we require more specific information, email support is very prompt and helpful.”

Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing, Professional Medical Fulfillment

“Anytime I have a question or I’m trying to figure something out, I first go to the Support option of Zoey. I use that as a reference to this day to remind myself how to do something or look something up. When I submit a support ticket, usually within the day I hear back. It’s always so awesome. Even if it’s as simple as walking me through a process that’s in the support materials, they’ve never had a problem explaining to me how to get something set up. They’re always pretty fast. I appreciate that.”

Meghan Farmer Smith, Distributor Ordering & Inventory Coordinator for Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Work With Us

Added together, our commitment to our merchants, whether before, during or after a Zoey account launch, is consistent and persistent. We want you to succeed, and work to be an extension of your team so you can make the most of our capabilities to support and grow your business.

See what we mean by contacting us to initiate a conversation with one of our Customer Success team members:

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