Key Lessons We’ve Learned Running a SaaS Business


Since Zoey was founded a little over two years ago, we’ve learned dozens of lessons about running a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business and building a product that solves our customers’ challenges. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is that we don’t need to do everything ourselves. Sometimes it pays to outsource work to specialized partners. You may have learned this same lesson in the process of building your business.

One of those partners is Chargify, and they allow us to offer our customers a superior billing experience that results in less hassles for everyone. Recently we sat down with their team to discuss what it has been like to grow a company in the crowded ecommerce market and the many lessons we’ve learned along the way. If you’d like an inside look at the Zoey team and our journey so far, check out the article below:

How Zoey Pivoted To Stand Out In A Sea of eCommerce Platforms

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