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Quality of Support

Have you ever gotten the feeling the salesperson you’re working with is going through the motions, or overpromising? Do you get the feeling they actually care about you? How about the quality of the support you receive for the solutions you’ve adopted for your business?

While sales is pre-purchase and support is post-purchase, both are very important aspects of how a business can interact with you and your team. The quality of the communications and conversations, as well as how much they seem to care, can have an outsized impact on your overall happiness with a solution.

So, it’s helpful to listen to the customers of those solutions and learn from their experiences. The latest SoftwareReviews B2B Ecommerce Data Quadrant customer survey data, released earlier this summer, shows that Zoey has a perfect rating from its customers for support from both it salespeople and its technical and product specialist team, including its customer support. In addition, it shows a perfect rating on the teams being friendly and caring.

All of this rolls up to a +97 Net Relationship Footprint, on a rank of -100 to +100, a nearly perfect score.

Zoey’s investment in its customers begins early, with a specific sales process designed to truly confirm Zoey is going to be a good fit for a business. We then work with those who sign up to set things up exactly as they’ll need it to leverage Zoey’s features most advantageously.

Then, once live, our support team provides superior response times (many times within one business hour) and assistance to ensure our customers can continue to move forward without lengthy waits for help.

Zoey has helped hundreds of businesses like yours leverage a best-in-breed B2B omnichannel solution, and now it’s your turn! Click the button below to schedule a conversation with our team, and learn how we can transform your business:

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