Zoey Updates for August/September 2021

Zoey recent updates

The nature of a SaaS platform is that it’s constantly changing and evolving with new features, extensions of existing features, and bug fixes/security updates to keep things running smoothly.

Zoey is no exception, and we wanted to share some of the recent changes that have come to the various solutions we offer, particularly around enhancements. To better communicate these changes to our store owners, as well as potential customers wondering what we’re up to, we’ll now be posting updated monthly, with the first blog post of every month covering the previous month’s updates.

Our first recap will cover changes made in August and September 2021.

iOS/Android Apps

We’ve continued to evolve our iOS and Android apps, with changes including:

  • We’ve improved the handling of cart syncing, and put better protections in around duplicate orders. For instance, if connectivity proves to be challenging at the time of a quote or order creation, it will recover and resume without creating a duplicate order.
  • You can show/hide products in the cart to make it easier to navigate larger cart sizes.
  • It will now alert you to update if you are out of date, which will avoid errors as the app evolves.
  • We’ve implemented performance tracking to ensure our users are having a consistent experience with the app, and are making changes around performance when issues are spotted.

Android App

We’ve given some specific attention recently to our Android app, released more recently than our iOS app, to continue to flesh out its feature set:

  • Paging of screens such as products and customers for better performance. We also have introduced paging to search results.
  • You can set the sync interval as to how often data is synced automatically.
  • A facelift to the customers screen to match the products and orders screen updates.
  • If you have access to multiple Zoey stores, you can switch between them on the app.
  • On initial loading of information, we show a progress bar so you know how things are progressing.
  • A variety of performance improvements to speed up loading times, both when retrieving data and rendering more complex screens like around products.

Store Credits

Updates have been made to make store credits easier to locate and apply. In the admin it will show a store credit balance when one is available while using Admin Order Create and Admin Quote Create.

For buyers, we adjusted the experience so that buyers will now be given the choice to elect to use it on both the cart and checkout screens. Previously it would auto-apply the credit in some flows and not in others. With the change, the buyer has control over the final decision in all order flows.

Authorize.net CIM

We previously announced our launch of the Authorize.net CIM capabilities and how saved credit cards are now possible with Authorize.net. We have continued to roll out and improve the capability in different parts of the Zoey Admin and Zoey Web. These include:

  • Refining attaching an address to use with the card,
  • Improving the ability to be available for buyers paying an invoice
  • Revisiting updating, editing and saving saved cards
  • Improving error handling and validation when cards are added or updated

We’ve also smoothed out the experience in a few places to make it a better experience for you and your buyers.

Guest Checkout

Adjustments were made to the guest checkout flow to encourage registrations more consistently. Guest checkout options have been diminished in presence, but still remain in Zoey for those sellers who wish to allow for this.

Customer Info When Creating Quote/Order

We’ve refreshed the customer information section when creating a quote or order to be more complete around the customer, location and account information, with the ability to change that information within the order/quote as necessary. For instance, if you have a customer on an account with multiple locations, it’s now easier to set which location is correct for this order.

Security Review

As part of the normal course of keeping Zoey safe for you and your buyers, we underwent a security review with Synack to evaluate Zoey’s software and make recommendations for additional adjustments to make Zoey more secure.

Synack, a leader in security testing, uses a combination of automated technology and crowd-sourced solutions to take a comprehensive look at a platform when checking for potential issues.

The Zoey team implemented changes for a variety of recommendations made by Synack as they were identified during the audit, ensuring any issues found would be eliminated. The review covered both the Zoey Web and Zoey Admin.

Other Changes

Additional enhancements include:

  • You can now place an information banner globally over a header, for easier messaging of sales and other important information.
  • We’ve improved the experience when buyers are not allowed to edit or delete items, cleaning up the messaging and hiding unavailable options automatically.
  • You can now create customers within the accounts screen, having them automatically being linked to that account when created there, with the ability to set owners and locations within the account.
  • We’ve added an Approval button to the customer screen for stores where account approval is required. We’ve also simplified creating an account with an existing customer as the baseline.
  • The customer name fields is now a searchable and filterable element within the Order Grid.
  • We’ve improved the ability to import and export category data. We’ve also added a search bar to search for a category in the category tree.
  • We’ve improved the Open Bills screen to better filter out orders that should not be reflected there, including cancelled and closed orders.
  • We’ve debuted a new PDF template that can group products by configurable product in a way that condenses the information to be easier to follow.
  • When creating a quote, when you get an Invalid Account error, a link will now appear to make it easier to find the issue and resolve.
  • You can also now add a new address when creating a quote (new Zoey Admin permissions can allow this to be only open to certain staff accounts).
  • Clicking into a quote on the Quotes list now shows quotes that have been converted to an order, with a clickable link to see the order that was created.

New Additions Come Often

Zoey’s constantly evolving, and that means our customers get to take advantage of the latest and greatest all the time.

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