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The Zoey team has always felt we’ve been building something special. But when our customers confirm it, it reinforces the fact that we’re looking at B2B and wholesale Ecommerce in a different way.

The numbers come from the July 2021 B2B Ecommerce Mid-Market Report compiled by Software Reviews, and is based on surveys from Zoey users and customers. The scores work similar to the Net Promoter Score, running on a range of -100 to 100, with any negative score being subtracted from the positive.

As you can see by the chart, in a number of aspects, Zoey received no negative rankings at all, and has very high scores among a variety of aspects:

  • Enables Productivity: Zoey users say we provide solutions that make them more productive in their day to day job.
  • Performance Enhancing: We provide tools that make their performance at work better.
  • Reliable: Zoey can be counted upon to provide what it is being employed to provide, and work dependably.
  • Unique Features: We’re offering something that stands out from the rest of our competition, which likely is the reason why our customers rate us highly elsewhere.

We always say don’t take our word for it – our customers are our best way to learn why we’re providing something different, and adding so much value to B2B businesses across the country. You can check out a number of case studies we’ve done with our customers here.

We work with each business who contacts us to understand their specific needs, and demonstrate how we can be of help. In the rare circumstances we’re not the right solution, we’re also upfront and honest about that, so you can make a good decision for your business.

Click the button below to contact us and we’ll be happy to review your needs, and give you a personalized demo of Zoey, to get things started:

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