Zoey Updates for October 2021

Zoey recent updates

When the fourth quarter arrives, Zoey updates tend to shift from major releases to more fit and finish elements that help businesses navigate a busy Ecommerce window. This year has been no exception, and so you’ll notice a lot of work was done to Zoey Admin elements our sellers are using regularly.

While the buyer experience is important, so is the experience of the internal customer within a business; these are the ones that use Zoey day to day to manage their part of the business.

With that in mind, here are key enhancements to the Zoey solutions (including Zoey Web, Zoey Admin and Zoey App) for October 2021:

Customer/Account Enhancements

  • Customers who are assigned to an Account but have no Active Locations can now be prevented from checking out. If the setting is not enabled then Checkout will not be blocked and the Order will be placed under the Customer’s Personal Account. The setting can be found in Web Settings->Cart Settings.
  • Customers that have permission to edit Account Location Addresses for one or more locations can now do so on the Zoey Web without Account Owner intervention. Customers can only manage the Locations to which they are given permission to manage; if only one, that one is selected by default.
  • On the Zoey Web, Customers under an Account can now see their own orders when otherwise not given permission to see all orders on the Account.

UX/UI Enhancements

  • Emails sent on behalf of salespeople will now show a first and last name along with the email address when received by a buyer.
  • When moving items to the cart from a quote, if one or more items fail, the remainder that can still be added successfully will appear in the cart. Previously, an error would occur and no items would move forward.
  • When account registration has taken place, the success message will now show indefinitely, vs. disappearing after a short time. A back button has also been introduce to let the potential buyer return to where they left off.
  • We’ve added a setting to disable the alternating background color on PDFs, which is included in the design by default. This is found under Quotes->PDF Settings and Orders->PDF Settings for quotes and orders, respectively.
  • Checkout billing/shipping forms now can leverage autocomplete.

Zoey App Enhancements

  • Submitting a draft order as a quote or cart without changing the active cart is now available.
  • We’ve continued to work through crash reports, and resolve issues that are leading to crashes, making both versions of the app more stable.
  • Logout is prevented if a sync is in progress, to ensure the sync can be completed successfully.
  • Performance improvements were rolled out for products search and gallery, as well as Customers/Accounts searching. Both mobile apps received various performance improvements throughout the month, particularly when it comes to handling larger catalog operations.
  • Android: The Product details screen respects basic HTML code inserted into that field, similar to how it does on Zoey Web.
  • Android: Filter Accounts, Customer Groups and Customers by the Sales Rep attached to them.
  • Android: Improved Customers screen navigation, including new Back and Close buttons.
  • iOS: You can now configure how often a sync takes place.
  • iOS: Updates were made to make the app compatible with iOS 15. With the release of iOS 15, the Zoey App will be compatible with iOS 14 and 15 only; support for iOS 13 has been discontinued.

Zoey Admin Enhancements

  • You can now update the Customer, Account and Sales Rep in the Zoey Admin on an already placed order. This can help with fixing data issues uncovered after an order is submitted.
  • There is more control over the Purchase Order payment option to make the purchase order number field optional, or even invisible, if you accept purchase orders but don’t require a Purchase Order number to order. This also allows this payment method to be used for other offline payment options with some configuration adjustments.
  • The Payment Methods area of the Zoey Admin has been cleaned up to make it easier to know what’s enabled on your store, and what other options are available to add.
  • The Shipping Methods area of the Zoey Admin has been cleaned up to make it easier to know what’s enabled on your store, and what other options are available to add.
  • When selecting an Account or an Account Location in the Zoey Admin, it will now be sorted alphabetically for easier location of the account you wish to use.
  • We’ve set up the Visual Design Editor to make it easier to show/hide saved credit card information when using the Authorize.net CIM capabilities.
  • We’ve also added a Pending Orders link to similarly be available to enable/disable when using Account order approval workflows.
  • The audit log for quotes in the Zoey Admin will now record/acknowledge when an email was selected to be sent. The absence of such a note will indicate no email was requested to be sent.
  • A number of split order updates were made to account for less common scenarios like a mix of physical and virtual items, and scenarios where no data was available on the split order attribute.
  • Clean-up took place throughout October on the Admin Quote Create screen to make it more organized and easier to follow.
  • Admin Order Create and Admin Quote Create will show available inventory for the items you’re searching for by default. This setting can be disabled in the Zoey Admin if not needed or relevant.
  • Account validation has been updated to be more specific in the Zoey Admin when certain required data, such as billing and shipping addresses or company location, were not properly filled out before completing an order.
  • Validation on importing locations has been enhanced to flag when billing/shipping addresses were not assigned. This is both for importing of data as well as working in the Zoey Admin.

New Additions Come Often

Zoey’s constantly evolving, and that means our customers get to take advantage of the latest and greatest all the time.

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