Zoey Updates for Summer 2021

Zoey recent updates

One of the best reasons to be on Zoey is we’re constantly making it better for you. Each year we release more than 150 updates to the platform.

Some of these are bigger feature releases. You can see some of our write-ups on:

But plenty of smaller releases take place over time as well. So in today’s post we’ll itemize some of the other enhancements to take place throughout the past few months.

Check our support release notes for a complete list of what we’ve been working on for you, including topics not focused on here, such as API updates and bug fixes.

Updates to Sales Quotes

A good amount of work over the past few months have been invested in evolving our Sales Quotes capability in various ways.

  • Customer Group-Level Quote Restrictions: You can now set on a customer group level whether a product is available to be included in a quote.
  • Quote Cancellation Email: When a quote is cancelled in the front end or the admin, an email can now be configured to be sent.
  • Subtotal Display: There is now a setting “Show Item Subtotal on Quote Submission” in Quotes Settings > Quote Creation to show/hide item subtotal column during quote submission.
  • Minicart Count: You can enable or disable the “Minicart Item Count Display” setting for quotes in Quotes -> Quote Settings.
  • Picklist for Quotes: The Picklist PDFs were upgraded to now support quotes, not just orders.

Authorize.net CIM Updates

Having launched the Authorize.net CIM support earlier this year, we continue to update Zoey to ensure our stores can make the best use of it.

  • Extended Support: Support was added to cover additional use cases such as authorize only, capture later; and refunds to cards on file.
  • Clearer Language: Added tooltips to the Authorize.net CIM functionality to explain that CIM only works for logged in users (since that is the only way such information can be saved to an account).

Net Terms Updates

We continue to improve and enhance our Net Terms capabilities.

  • Set Due Date: In the admin there is now the ability to edit the Net Terms order payment due date as needed.
  • Overdue Bill Updates: A number of updates have been made to revise how Zoey handles things when a bill is overdue. Net Terms will not show up as a payment option when a bill is overdue, for instance, and the system is a bit smarter now in determining when a bill is past due. Having the Net Terms disable when a bill is overdue is an optional setting based on your configuration.
  • Terms By Location: For company accounts with locations, Net Terms can now check if a bill is overdue by a specific location, and have that logic manage whether a new Net Terms order can be placed.
  • Credit Limit Override: For the Zoey admin, a new access permission allows those authorized to bypass the Net Terms credit limit on a buyer when placing an order inside the admin.

Other Recent Additions

  • New Order Permission: You can now designate who has permission to create new orders in the Zoey Admin.
  • Email Setting Updates: A new email setting can force a send new order email to deliver to bcc/cc emails even if the customer isn’t notified.
  • Cybersource Support Expansion: You can now use Cybersource as part of Zoey’s Bill Pay, as well as converting a quote to an order
  • Dates in Order Export: Within the full order export you can now see the dates for invoices, shipments and credit memos being generated for an order.
  • New Bulk Edit Options: We’ve added the ability to bulk edit account/location shipping & payment methods.
There’s Always More on the Way

Zoey regularly releases new feature updates, additions and fixes to keep all Zoey stores running at their peak. As a SaaS-driven solution, all customers benefit from changes upon release as their stores are updated automatically.

For a more complete list of updates made to Zoey, as well as newer updates than those shown here, click the button below to visit our release notes page in the support documentation:

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