Product Alerts Offers Buyers Ability to Receive Price, Stock Notifications

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Zoey has recently rolled out a new feature called Product Alerts. Two flavors have been launched. Our Product Price Alert will notify your buyers when the price changes on an item. Our Product In Stock Alert will inform buyers when out of stock item comes back into stock.

For you as a store owner, it can help drive incremental sales, and more immediate awareness when changes occur. For buyers, they can be more directly in tune with when the items they want are available, or have come down in price.

Two Types: Product Price Alert and Product In Stock Alert

Product Alerts admin area

For Zoey store owners, the setup process is relatively simple and happens in a couple of parts. First, visit Settings -> Emails and enable the ones you wish to offer:

  • Product Price Alert: Those who subscribe to this notification will receive an email when the price changes on the item on which they’ve requested a notification. This subscription is always available to buyers on a product when enabled.
  • Product Stock Alert: Those who subscribe to this notification will receive an email when an out of stock item comes back into stock. This subscription is only available to buyers when a product is out of stock.

If a buyer is logged in, the email address attached to their account is what will receive the alerts. If a buyer is not logged in, and the product page is publicly accessible, it will ask for an email address to send updates.

Your buyers are able to view which products they have a subscription to view. To provide them access you will need to add these links to the My Account template of the Visual Design Editor:

My Account Product Alert links

Edit the Account Links to add or translate the link text to include Stock Alert Subscriptions (for Product Stock Alerts) and Price Alert Subscriptions (for Product Price Alerts), based on which you chose to enable.

When completed, your buyers can log in to their account and manage these alerts on their own, without your involvement.

More complete details about these new Product Alerts can be found in the Zoey support documentation.

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