Spring 2021 Updates to Zoey’s iOS and Android Mobile Sales Apps

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Although Zoey has only recently released its Android mobile app, to go along with the existing iOS app, there have been additional updates already released since the launch that is available now.

Here are some of the app updates we’ve released throughout the spring of 2021. Remember that you can check release notes on each app’s page in the app stores (iOS found here; Android found here), as well as in our support documentation.

  • Barcode Scanning: Both versions now support the ability to scan barcodes. Initially barcode scanning has been implemented to help building orders and checking inventory/availability, but additional functionality will be added over time.
  • Set Custom Pricing: You can sent a custom price on products in the apps, similar to the ability to do so in the Zoey Admin.
  • Send Order Details: After an order is placed, in both the order confirmation screen and the order history screen, you can send an order’s details to a custom email address on both versions.
  • Email Draft Orders: In cases where draft orders are built on the app and are saved for later, they now can be sent via email to a buyer for review.
  • Image Zoom: You can now click to enlarge image on both versions of the app, making it easier to see images in more detail.
  • Signature Capture Improvements: When available, geolocation information is now also captured as part of a signature. The customer signature is also visible via the API admin.
  • Performance Updates/Bug Fixes: We’re constantly updating and improving the apps based on customer feedback, making them more stable and ensuring their peak performance.

More updates are to come, thanks to feedback from our buyers as well as upcoming capabilities on our roadmap. Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to download and try Zoey’s app, no account required!

To learn more about Zoey’s complete suite of solutions, including Zoey’s Web, App and Admin capabilities for B2B brands, distributors and wholesalers, click the button to request a conversation with our team:

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