Zoey Expands Data Accessibility with Webhooks, FTP/SFTP Options

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Data accessibility is a critical part of any solution, and Zoey continuously reviews and enhances the options for its customers. This can take many forms:

As technology evolves, we continue to evaluate, and deploy, additional new data accessibility options, including two new ways recently made available on Zoey: Webhooks and FTP/SFTP.

Webhooks: Event-based, One Way Data Flow

Webhooks by ZoeyWebhooks are helpful for times when data needs to be pushed when an event happens, such as an order being placed.

Zoey’s Webhooks implementation can send data via an HTTPS or email endpoint, and deliver data in JSON, CSV or XML formats.

The events supported by our Webhooks solution will expand over time; if you are a customer who wishes to leverage Webhooks and are looking for an event that is not supported, contact support, as we are regularly evaluating and expanding our implementation based on customer requirements and demand.

Zoey customers on the Advanced plan can leverage this right away without any app installations required. See the Webhooks listing for additional information.

FTP/SFTP: Bidirectional Data Flow

We have also launched a solution that offers bidirectional data flow support for FTP and SFTP. This is great for data that needs to be pulled periodically from another source, or to upload data to another source in turn, as an alternative to an API integration.

Zoey SFTP data mapper

The Zoey Admin supports setting up an FTP or SFTP connection, and includes a data mapper with the ability to link data columns to specific Zoey fields. 

Zoey SFTP list

You can determine how often the data mapping should be run, and also do a one-off run when needed right within the Zoey Admin. Multiple connections and data mappings are supported on a single account, if you need to send or receive data to multiple other systems. The Zoey Admin will also confirm the last time the data was processed.

In the future, Zoey will support additional protocols beyond FTP and SFTP in this same interface. Additional announcements will be made as additional connection types are launched.

Two Data Accesibility Options, Both Available Now

Both Webhooks and FTP/SFTP capabilities are now available. If you’re new to Zoey, schedule a conversation with our sales team to learn how you can leverage Zoey for your business:

Talk to the Zoey Team

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