Zoey Adds CertCapture Support for Avalara Integration

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When it comes to navigating taxes like sales or use tax, exemption certificates and other such documents can be a critical part of a business’ operations. Maintaining and keeping track of that information is often a key business requirement to be able to allow your buyers to shop.

With Zoey’s latest updates for our Avalara support and integrations, we now work with Avalara’s CertCapture software for creating, managing, storing and managing sales tax and reseller certificates. Zoey’s Avalara app is free, but you will need a subscription to the appropriate Avalara services to access and link these services.

What Is CertCapture Software?

CertCapture support offers a smoother way for businesses to keep track of customer certificates, helpful for peace of mind should any audit of this material be necessary, or if questions arise over time. You can keep customers’ exemption certificates, excise documents, and federal withholding forms, all safe and secure in the cloud with Avalara.

With this new setup, CertCapture customers can add a link within the My Account section to be able to capture certification information. You have the ability to automatically accept certificates as they are uploaded, or manually review them before they are accepted for use on your site (which can take up to 2 hours from approval to reflect within Zoey).

Zoey has offered a certified sales tax and refunds integration with Avatax for years. This latest addition extends that support for managing certificates. Zoey’s integration requires an account with Avalara, and our CertCapture support is an extension of the original app, making these features available to Zoey users.

Get CertCapture Support

New app users will get CertCapture support within Zoey included as part of installing the Avalara app (but requires CertCapture as part of your Avalara subscription to use). Existing Avalara users can add CertCapture support by following our support documentation to add the additional capabilities to their existing Avalara app.

If you are looking for a B2B Ecommerce platform that works well with Avalara’s solutions, look no further than Zoey. Request a demo of our comprehensive solutions today:

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