Zoey Customers Rate Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement Favorably Against Other Platforms

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Zoey vendor capability satisfaction comparison from SoftwareReviews

As we recently shared, Zoey was named a Gold Medal winner and Leader in the recent 2021 B2B Ecommerce Platform Data Quadrant reports from SoftwareReviews. The data  for the awards was collected directly from surveys from users of the various platforms.

This means you can get a direct comparison of how Zoey does against other solutions, according to its own customers. As part of the recent data, one aspect where Zoey ranked highly was around Vendor Capability Satisfaction when it comes to Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement.

In this area, customers are asked how they feel the product’s evolution, both in quality and speed, rates. Zoey ranked ahead of Shopify Plus and Adobe Commerce Cloud, and was nearly even with BigCommerce.

Of the four platforms, Zoey is the smallest by a wide margin, so to be able to compete effectively against these platforms shows the investments Zoey is making to offer a top-tier solution.

B2B Ecommerce, like B2C before it, is a demanding space, with businesses requiring an increasing array of capabilities to be able to thrive, and Zoey offers the most complete solution available on the market. Unlike many of its competitors, Zoey focuses first and foremost on offering a robust and mature B2B Ecommerce solution, while ensuring it can interact well with other business software like NetSuite, QuickBooks Online and Salesforce.

The award received earlier this month is Zoey’s third SoftwareReviews award since being rated by the service; Zoey has placed favorably in all three surveys it’s been represented to date.

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