2 New Reporting Options for Zoey Buyers

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We’ve recently shared updates around some of our new data accessibility options for Zoey sellers. However, we also know that the ability for your buyers is equally important.

We’ve launched two new options for buyers of Zoey sellers that can help make information easier to work with and more accessible.

1. Inventory Reporting by Category

With this capability, buyers can now download an available inventory report, by category, of your products. This can help them determine what sort of availability of your products exist at the moment, and allow them to plan out what they want to order based on that availability.

As a seller, this can help raise awareness for your buyers when inventory is getting low or limited, which can help spur on additional sales. It can also help your buyers get a better sense of your entire catalog, which may spur on incremental sales for products they may not have known about.

When enabled, this appears on the category view near the other filtering options.

2. Order History CSV Report

Buyers can also download a CSV report of their order history, which can make it easier to review what’s been previously ordered to build a new order. 

Keep in mind Zoey’s Quick Order forms allow copy and pasting of CSV data, so this can be a good first step for buyers to construct a new order if this is their preferred format.

When enabled, this option appears in the My Account section under My Orders.

Zoey is Constantly Evolving

Zoey releases new updates over 150 times per year, with additions, enhancements and bug fixes for features large and small. Continuous improvement is a critical part of what makes Zoey special, along with our award-winning customer support.

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