B2B Catalog Management: Streamlining Product Updates

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When it comes to B2B catalog management, there are a variety of ways to keep your Ecommerce catalog up to date with the latest products, pricing and details.

Given that managing products can be one of the most time-intensive steps to maintaining your store, having ways to speed up the process can give back hours in your day to focus on other tasks. Here are some ways to simplify B2B catalog management on your Ecommerce store:

Integrate Your Business Systems

Most businesses, particularly brands, wholesalers and distributors, rely on a variety of business systems to manage their business. Your Ecommerce solution should not be floating an island, disconnected from those other systems.

Instead, integrations can help ensure data cleanly flows back and forth. Integrations can eliminate data entry errors, accelerate when data is present in another system, and ensure every system is on the same page.

When it comes specifically to B2B catalog management, when you enter a system in another solution like your ERP, the product can be automatically generated in the Ecommerce solution. When a product is sold, that order can flow back the other way, updating the inventory in the process.

Push/Pull Product Data Automatically

If you’re a franchiser or reseller, you are likely getting your product data from other sources. And if you’re someone whose product is resold, you’re likely the one providing that data.

Why should you have to manually manage or input that product data yourself, or distribute that yourself? Companies like Vesta can collect, clean and distribute the product data, including rich data and information like pricing, in a way that takes a manual process and makes it automated. Best of all, Vesta can work with Zoey and other platforms with open APIs, avoiding the need to handle all of it by hand.

So, if you’re receiving your data from other sources, it can ingest and update it automatically. And if you’re a wholesaler distributing data to your buyers, they can pull product updates in real time themselves.

Use Spreadsheets to Manage in Bulk

Of course, if you do need to manage by hand for various reasons, there’s still ways to make life easier. Instead of editing products one at a time, Zoey has tools to allow for bulk adding and updating products. Our Zoey Admin makes it easy to export and import product data via CSV, for instance.

We also have built tools to facilitate product updates, like our Google Sheets importer, so you can complete steps like bulk update inventory on a schedule, when you’re not leveraging other systems to manage the data.

B2B Catalog Management for Ecommerce with Zoey

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