How an Online Quote System Can Improve Your B2B Sales Process

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B2B sales differ from B2C sales in a number of critical ways, and that means leveraging different tools to acquire and grow them. With Sales Quotes, we offer another powerful tool in the sales capabilities of our B2B and wholesale merchants.

If you’re not using a quote system today, you may not know how quotes can benefit your business, so here’s ways you can take advantage of a quote system to drive more sales with both new and existing customers.

Allow New Customers to Check Pricing

Many B2B businesses do not display pricing on their Ecommerce site. The reasons for this are plenty: Avoiding tipping their hand around pricing to the competition, the fact that pricing is dependent on order size or overall order volume of a given customer, and so on. Shipping can also vary too, depending on location, size of order, and other factors that can lead to vastly different pricing from one scenario to the next.

With a quote system like Sales Quotes, guests that aren’t current customers can submit a quote request without even having an account, through a page that’s publicly facing on your website. You can then customize the quote based on the items presented, and send back to the customer to either complete the purchase or make changes for a re-quote.

This gives unregistered customers an opening to request information and see if you are the merchant they’re looking for.

Develop Draft Orders for Existing Customers

Your website can also be used to assist existing customers, and quotes can be a strong experience to assist your established customer base. If a customer service representative is talking to a customer on the phone and they want to get pricing or information on an order, a rep can build a draft order out through quotes, with the pricing already ready to go, for customers to complete. Or through the admin they can also complete the order on behalf of the customer.

Existing customers may want to get an idea of what a larger order might look like, or pricing considerations if they expanded to ordering new items through you. A quote system therefore serves as the perfect option for building potential orders, and with the ability to apply certain promotional aspects to quotes just like you would an order, you can incentivize customers for acting quickly. You also have complete control of when a quote expires, which can be helpful if you want to nudge the customer into completing a purchase within a certain timeframe.

A Tool to Empower Your B2B Sales Process

Some B2B businesses heavily leverage salespeople, and Ecommerce can be something salespeople fear as a tool that reduces their impact. But used correctly, salespeople can leverage your B2B Ecommerce store to strengthen their ability to drive sales, while centralizing a customer’s view into their relationship with you through the website.

Zoey’s Sales Quotes feature is tablet optimized, meaning salespeople can work off an iPad or other devices to build a quote while with their customers in an office or storefront. They can capture the items the merchant wants to order, and then customize the quote for the merchant when they get back to the office to move an order along quickly and close sales.

In other scenarios, you may have customers in markets where sending a salesperson regularly may be cost prohibitive. In those cases, salespeople can tap the power of quote systems like Sales Quotes to better manage customer relationships by working with merchants via phone and email, setting up draft orders via Sales Quotes based on the conversations and making it easy for merchants to complete the order, or a salesperson can help complete the order on a customer’s behalf.

Webinar Recording

For a deeper dive into Zoey’s quoting capabilities, check out this webinar from when we first launched the offering, which has continued to evolve since:

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