How Vesta Makes Ecommerce Product Management Easy

For distributors and wholesalers, when it comes to product management, sharing data along the chain from your vendors and through to your customers, and onto your Zoey site, can be a time consuming challenge.

What is Vesta?

Vesta takes product data from various sources, process it through rules that will make it perfect to list on solutions like Zoey, and then upload those products. Once things are properly set up it can do it automatically for you.

Vesta can eliminate up to 90% of the manual work involved with product management. Vesta does this through automating the onboarding of vendor data and getting it into the right format for your Zoey store, fast! Here’s what Vesta can do for you:

1. Vendor data onboarding from any source

Onboarding data from suppliers and keeping on top of updates can quickly drain resources and lead to disorganization and overload. 

Vesta provides the solution by automating the collection of product data from each of your vendors continuously over time. Data is collected either through specialized vendor portals, extraction of the data from vendor FTP’s or by scraping of vendor websites. 

2. Automating data entry

Vesta’s data automation solutions can cut the time for listing a product down by 90 percent. If you’re a reseller, this means you can offer a wider range of products because it doesn’t take as much effort to get products on to your store. Vesta can pull data from various sources, clean up the data, and get it listed on to Zoey for you.

If you’re a distributor selling products that your customers will resell, they may need that product data themselves. So Vesta can also help Zoey merchants in those circumstances by providing data feeds that your resellers can leverage for getting products listed on their own stores, increasing the viability of your products for their stores.

3. Vendor data cleaning 

Vendor data comes in divergent states, both in format and also different names or measures. Re-working all of this data into a consistent format, ready to feed into Zoey can take many hours to perform manually in spreadsheets.  

Vesta eliminates this workload by automating the transformation of vendor data. Organizing the data via custom rules to create categorization, parent/ child relationships, standardizing measurements or attributes plus more. This gets the product data into the right format to flow directly into your Zoey store. 

4. Keeping data up to date

Once set up with Vesta, any updates to vendor data will be collected and transformed automatically, for you to view in your Vesta portal and then update to your online store. This includes pricing, inventory and range changes like new products and discontinuations. 

5. Sharing product data with customers

Through the Vesta platform, you can easily share any changes to product data and assets, pricing and inventory with your customers. Either automatically populating customer templates (eg amazon) or exporting your own standard file template from Vesta ready to share. You can choose how often to do this, daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally.

The result of this is less time spent manually adjusting spreadsheets and distributing them to your customers while still making sure they have the latest, most accurate information to hand. 

Vesta Product Management

With the tools provided in Vesta, you can reduce the time you spend managing your product data, allowing you to list more products in your Zoey store and keep product listings accurate over time.

Learn a bit more about Vesta on their Zoey listing, or click here to request more information.

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