WHITEPAPER: 5 Ways Growth Complicates Sales Tax

For companies with aggressive growth goals, managing sales tax can be a challenge. While you’re working to get more customers, more sales, or more products into market, you’re also creating more tax liability.

When you change where and how you do business, you can also change where and how you need to collect and remit sales tax. And while more sales and customers are bonuses, more work required to keep you sales tax compliant isn’t much of a perk.

Often, companies don’t realize they’re creating risk from these growth activities. But state auditors are on high alert now that economic nexus is in effect, so chances are, if your business is changing, they’re aware of it.  

In 5 Ways Growth Complicates Sales Tax from our partner Avalara, learn how compliance can change when you: 

  • Expand into more states or enter global markets 
  • Sell through ecommerce sites or online marketplaces 
  • Add new products or services 
  • Seek financing, IPO, or engage in M&A activities 

And learn what you can do to prepare for sales tax fallout from growth activities, so it doesn’t stall your plans! Download your copy today by clicking the button below:

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